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CSUB Men's Head Coach Rod Barnes stopped by to show support for the program. Go Runners!

This September, BUA will be moving into it's very own facility on 5880 District Blvd. The Fall Developmental League beginning October 1st will be held at the new facility. The BUA facility will feature some of the following new additions to the program;

- Transportation Services: Parents will be able to register for their kids to be transported from school to the BUA facility for training throughout the week.

- Learning Center: Tutoring lessons will be available for participants to take part in before or after their training sessions during the week.

- Strength and Conditioning: A weights and speed/agility section will be available which will go hand in hand with the training and developmental leagues offered at BUA

- Camps/Clinics: The developmental leagues will continue to run year round and during the times they are not running we will be hosting a variety of camps and clinics for all ages throughout the year.

- Events: BUA will host a variety of events throughout the year such as 3-on-3 tournaments, All-Star Games, charity events, fundraisers, adult leagues and tournaments.

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