The following video has been making its way around some national news sites over the past few days — and it's of Kern County's very own Delano baseball team, which tricked some poor baserunner into making the third out of an inning in a bases loaded situation. Enjoy.

(1) This is basically a version of the fake-to-third, throw-to-first play that pitchers have been using (to no avail) for years, right? The one that's about to be outlawed in Major League Baseball? I say enjoy your trickery while you still can, Delano.

(2) The second baseman deserves an Emmy for that dive. At least induction into Delano's Thespian society.

(3) I should note that I can't see jersey numbers clear enough to identify the protaganists in this caper. If there are some Delanoans out there who can shed some light, please do so.

(4) Most underrated part of this video for me is how close the play was at the plate. I think the pitcher was so impressed by the acting of his teammates that he forgot he might need to throw home for the out.

All's well that ends well, of course, especially if the ending gets you on MSN or Yahoo! Sports.