American Kids Sports Centers Trampoline & Tumbling Team 'American Airborne' competed at the So Cal USAG T&T 3rd Prelim.

Grant Jones only 7 years old won Doublemini Trampoline Level 4 and 3rd on Trampoline Level 5. Ethan Meadows 14yrs brought home the Gold in Tumbling Level 8 and Silvers in Trampoline & Doublemini Level 10. David Brown 16yrs won Trampoline Level 9 and 2nd on Doublemini. Tristen Hoagland 11 yrs took fourth on both Trampoline & Doublemini.

Great job this weekend guys! 

American Airborne will be hosting the So Cal Trampoline & Tumbling State Championships April 28th & 29th at American Kids Sports Center NW, come out and see amazing Trampoline & Tumbling right here in Bakersfield.

Contact info:

Matt Williams

(661) 833-3986