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Writers of varying ages are awarded at the annual Writers of Kern Honors Dinner. 

Courtesy of Writers of Kern

It's time for local writers to gather for WOK Honors, which will be held Saturday at Hodel's Country Dining.

This private annual dinner, which serves as the Writers of Kern’s signature event, honors winners of the Young Writers of Kern Writing Competition, which includes middle school, high school, and pre-law college students. The honorees receive cash prizes, a one-year membership in Writers of Kern, and publication of their essay in this year’s WOK Press anthology.

The 2018 competition topic for middle and high school was “What does it mean to be a socially responsible member of American society?” College students wrote on the question, “Should there be limits to speech at public universities and colleges, including restrictions on the type of guest speakers invited to lecture or be panelist at such institutions of higher learning?"

During the evening, Writers of Kern also honors its members who have completed the 2018 Dan McGuire Blog Challenge. Exclusive “Active” pins will be presented to those who have recently achieved active status. And, the recipient of the Robert Hargreaves Achievement Award for traditional publishing will be honored.

Regular Writers of Kern meetings are open to the public and held from 8:45-11:30 a.m. the third Saturday of the month at Hodel's, 5917 Knudsen Drive. Admission is $15, $10 for members. Visit writersofkern.com for more information.

— Annis Cassells is a member of the Writers of Kern.

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