Morgan Burnard requests the honor of your presence at the marriage of her daughter Lemon to Lincoln, the son of Vaun Thygerson, Saturday, the twenty-first of October, two thousand seventeen at 11 o'clock in the morning.

That's right. You have been invited to the wedding of the season — well the dog wedding of the season that is. Cloud 9 Coffee Company said Lemon has been courted and won over by Lincoln, and the two are finally ready to tie the knot.

The two met when a friend of Burnard, the owner of Cloud 9 Coffee Company, heard she wanted to breed Lemon, a Sheepadoodle.

So, the friend set Burnard and Lemon up with Lincoln, a standard poodle, and Thygerson. The four hit it off.

"It was totally an arranged marriage, which is not OK in society nowadays, but it happened," Burnard said. "I knew I wanted to breed Lemon because she has been so popular at Cloud 9."

When Burnard told Thygerson she wanted to have a wedding for the two pups, Thygerson happily agreed.

And what would a wedding be without love?

"I do think they are in love. I like to think (Lemon) will live a happy life with Lincoln."

However, Burnard wanted to do things a bit traditional.

"I want the Lord to bless that they are having puppies," she said and chuckled. "I want their marriage to be right in the eyes of God."

The two pups won't be exchanging vows because they are a bit shy, but there will be someone there officiating the wedding.

Burnard thought a pup wedding would be a great way to bring the dog community together and introduce them to local businesses.

"I thought it would be fun, and I love collaborating with local businesses," the mother of the bride said.

The ceremony, which will be held at Cloud 9 Coffee Company, 5060 California Ave., will feature fun treats provided by Self Serve Pet Spa, doggie flower crowns provided by Mint Design and puppy portraits by Sunflower Photography. Thygerson's son, Zane, 11, will also be selling and signing his book, "Ooodles of Poodles."

Cloud 9 wrote on Facebook, "If it wasn't clear.... bring your furry friends!!"

And don't forget about wedding gifts. If you bring a gift, Lemon and Lincoln request it be a bag of dog food, which they will donate to local animal shelters.

Burnard said after the wedding, the pups will enjoy being newlyweds for a few months, and in February or March, they will be ready to start their family.

Burnard is so excited Lemon finally found a mate, because, as many of us know, it isn't easy to find love.

"It is totally hard for dogs to meet and find love here in Bakersfield," said Burnard. "It's not a dog-friendly city, so we hope this little event will spark some puppy love."