After 62 years, the sanctuary roof at Mill Creek Christian Church is coming into the 21st century. 

“Getting the asbestos off was a difficult and hazardous job,” says Mike Sutherland, pastor at Mill Creek. “Those workers were professional and made sure everyone was safe.”

After the asbestos was off and carefully secured, new shingles started going up the very next day. The transformation into a modern building has amazed those at the church. Workers putting up the shingles were quick and efficient, being very careful to stay secured to the 12/12 pitched roof.

“It may be the steepest roof in town,” says Sutherland. “We are very proud of the original architect, Ernest McCoy, who designed our entire church making sure it was a beacon for all who wanted to find a church home.”

Founding members of the church made McCoy's vision and their dreams come true by building Mill Creek/First Christian Church to the highest standards available.

The cross atop the roof is being painted after 62 years and is looking fresh and inviting. The white wall that holds the cross had a little damage, but is strong again and will hold the cross up for all to see for another 62 years, at least. The painters of the cross were moved to pray before and after they painted and that makes it extra secure.

Located at the corner of Truxtun Avenue and S Street, the church continues to undergo updates, progress on which can be viewed each day.

The church is planning a “We Raised the Roof” celebration as soon as the last piece is in place. Everyone will be invited come and see this historical building revived to its original glory. It was built as a modern piece of architecture that gave hope to everyone in downtown Bakersfield. Church members want to keep that hope alive.

— Mill Creek Christian Church news release

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