Brass a la Carte

Trumpeter Mike Raney of Brass a la Carte will perform in the recital series Thursday at First Congregational Church.

Courtesy of Elizabeth Cervantes

One of the grandest traditions in music is that written for brass instruments and organ. The Lenten Recital Series celebrates that tradition at First Congregational Church Thursday at noon.

Since the Renaissance, church composers have tried to fill the enormous spaces in the great cathedrals and churches with music that would reverberate throughout.

If you are familiar with the term “pull out all the stops,” this is the source of the term. “Stops” refer to devices on an organ console that open the organ’s pipes, letting air flow through to produce the sound.

Pulling out all the stops means that all of the pipes are open, for a full, overwhelming effect.

Then you add brass.

The ensemble Brass a la Carte teams up with organist Sue Wagner to perform music appropriate for the Lenten season: “Awake, Thy Wintry Earth,” “Sheep May Safely Graze,” “My Spirit Be Joyful,” by J. S. Bach; arrangements of the hymns “Eventide” and “Just a Closer Walk With Thee,” three quartets by Robert Schumann; the Ricercar de duodecimo tono (fugue with 12 tones) by Andrea Gabrieli; an excerpt from the Symphony No. 44 by Haydn; and the “Alleluia” by Mozart.

Brass a la Carte features trumpeters Mike Raney and son Hunter Raney and trombonists Fred Chenowith and Dennis Herbst.

This is the second in the Lenten Recital Series, a series of 30-minute performances during the lunch hour. The concerts are free, and the public is invited to bring a lunch, or buy one for $5.

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