Since we are a few days away from ending the year 2017, we wanted to know: What are your hopes for 2018? At the end of each year we take a moment to reflect what we did wrong, right, or where there needs to be growth. 

Our Diana Olivares goes man-on-the-street to find out what hopes our residents of Bakersfield had.

These were some of their responses:

Sky Kautsky: "For 2018, I hope that my circus group will kinda make it bigger and that we get a lot more performances and that my fire spinning will take off. I'm a fire performer, so, Im hoping that will get bigger."

Don Swanson: "For myself, continue in God's grace that he has givin me so many good things. Like I always say, if God gives me much more good I have to ask him to take a break. Three weeks ago, I got my first apartment since 1994. So at 59, I got my first bachelor's pad only because I was married in all the others I got my first pad, it's pretty cool."

David Villarreal: " I hope that the world is much better. I hope we don't have any war, like they say we do, we dont need that. I hope the economy gets better, you know. I just hope everybody is great, including myself."

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