For many parents, the Elf on the Shelf is the bane of their holiday season existence. Moving the character and forwarding his story for the children is a daily activity in an already hectic time of year. If you're still looking for some fresh alternatives, Willis Design has a gift for you.

The local design company launched the 12 Days of Christmas Elf on the Shelf, featuring daily printables to help create scenes for your elf. Graphic designer and photographer Jen Cordova pitched the idea to owner Mike Willis for a better-executed elf agenda with free printable props.

Despite their kids not being the right age for the Elf — Willis' kids are too old, and Cordova's daughter is too young — the designers saw parents posting their Elf struggles on social media and decided to act.

In the note that runs with the downloadable items, they wrote: "It’s hard for artists to let ideas die, so we realized this is something fun we can do to spread a little Christmas cheer! We hope you find them helpful, fun and a cheerful way to celebrate the season."

Tuesday was the start day, featuring an Elf Twister board and spinner. Since then, the design outfit has launched a candy-topped pizza in a box with notes for good and misbehaving children, depending on what they've been up to this month. The latest includes some animal friends and a writing prompt — asking "Whale you keep being good all year?" next to an image of a narwhal — on how to practice kindness beyond Christmas.

The project will continue Friday then resume Monday and go on for the remainder of the 12-day run. Links to the printables are available on Willis Design's Facebook page and on Instagram.

The designers are encouraging people to share their photos on social media with the hashtag #elfonthewillisshelf.

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