Temblor Brewing Co. has taken its business to a new level by offering full service to its customers.

Those looking for a more restaurant-style experience will now find one at the Buck Owens Boulevard pub, which has transformed half of the space into a full-service dining area, staffed by newly hired servers.

“We’re always looking to improve,” Temblor President/CEO Don Bynum said. “This was the next logical step in creating a higher level of service for our customers. We’re creating a more service-oriented environment.”

Bynum said the restaurant implemented the changes earlier this month. Furniture was rearranged and blocked off, with signage added to make customers aware of the new service. The area is first come, first served.

The company has also expanded its wine options to go with the new full-service area. Bynum said that in the past, they only carried one type of red and white wine for consumers who aren’t interested in beer. Now, he said they have about 10 selections.

“We want to give people more of what they want,” he said. “Our goal is to get everyone to try the beer, but we wanted people to have options.”

The rest of the pub is still self-service, where customers can go up and order at the bar, get their beers and have their food brought to their table.

“We’re not forcing the full service. It’s just an option,” Bynum said. “We’re trying to maintain a laid-back atmosphere. Everyone’s welcome.”

Bynum said he thinks the full-service option is good for people who don’t want to have to stand in line to order.

“There’s a lot more convenience for the customer,” he said. “One thing about not being full service is you can be slammed with lot of people waiting in line, which can be problematic because some people will leave if they see a long line. Any mature food establishment ends up going full service because it’s easier to manage overall.”

Bynum said the change is part of the company’s overall goal to grow and improve its customer service. He said he wanted the company to be careful and patient about rolling out new options.

“We didn’t want to start (full-service) at the beginning because we’re not a typical restaurant,” he said.

Bynum said he wanted the business to focus on improving its food first, something he believes has been done.

“I feel that our food is in a good place,” he said. “It’s definitely been a learning curve to get to this point. It’s been a transition, but not too difficult.”

Bynum said many people are still not aware of the full-service option, but it got a positive reception from those who have tried it out.

“Right now, it’s a pretty mixed bag,” he said. “A lot of people are used to the self-service and are not looking for full service when they come here. We realize it may take people some time to realize that we’re doing this.”

Bynum said the business experienced a similar response when they first opened a few years ago.

“People weren’t used to what we were doing when we first started,” he said. “We’re at a point now where everyone understands what we do pretty well and are happy that we have something higher-level to offer.”

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