When it comes to chain restaurants, there are some that stand out, rise above the rest, and often they’re smaller chains like Tahoe Joe’s or Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, which opened three years ago at Valley Plaza and has been packing them in ever since. The Long Beach-based family-owned…

Deep in festival season, June should be a scorcher and we're not just talking about the weather. We already announced the Downtown Craft Beer Festival — formerly the Bakersfield Craft Beer Festival — on June 23 (but we'll have more on vendors below). Now comes news of a brand-new event at Ca…

There are plenty of ways we should be showing teachers how much we appreciate them but Tuesday, we can start with a meal. In honor of Teachers Appreciation Day, a few restaurants are serving up deals for those hard-working teachers.

The local vegan dining scene has taken off in the past year. When it was once tough to find an acceptable menu item in this predominately meat-and-cheesy-potatoes town, options have expanded beyond a limp side salad.

If there’s one part of the restaurant business I’d be leery of getting into it’s the sandwich segment. The competition is killer. Sandwiches are everywhere, and long ago Subway changed the business by offering fresh-baked buns. Jersey Mike’s and others have followed that model. Local forces …

It was a sad day in February when David Dobbs, owner of Imbibe Wine & Spirits Merchant, said that the Bakersfield Craft Beer Festival, which he helped found, was not coming back as it had been.

For the record, vinyl is alive and well, in part thanks to events like Record Store Day. In its 11th year, the annual event is celebrated by stores around the world including our two local record stores, Going Underground and World Records.

Folks, we are in the midst of an explosion of moderately priced Asian fusion cuisine restaurants in Bakersfield, and the best of the bunch overall could be the humble ReMix Asian Kitchen in the River Walk Medical Plaza.

Carbs plus carbs divided by an 80-plus-degree afternoon seems like an equation for disaster. But never underestimate the power of the mac. The Mac and Cheese Festival returns for the fifth year to Cal State Bakersfield, promising a day of pasta and generous pours of beer and wine.

One website that’s intrigued me lately is Quora, where people post questions on politics, business, food, religion — almost anything — and those signed on volunteer answers, which can then be voted up or down. When a man asked about the feasibility of retiring outside the United States,  a m…

Everyone deserves a holiday, including the hard-working vendors of the Haggin Oaks farmers market. But those purveyors of produce, poke and other delightful foods and goods are not really taking a break. They're just moving the fun to Friday for an early evening market.

As a native Midwesterner, I’ve been to pretty much all the famous Chicago deep-dish pizza places, and seldom have I found such a product in Bakersfield. For a long time I was a fan of the Sicilian pizza served at Pizza Bob’s in various locations, but that was a Detroit-style product and ther…

Easter is coming and Jesus will rise as miraculously as the Parkerhouse rolls coming out of the oven for your holiday supper. Of course, if you're not in the mood to cook, plenty of local restaurants and businesses will make sure your family is fed.

Pop-up shops are nothing new for Bakersfield but an impromptu gathering for unique doughnuts? Well, that's certainly a sweet surprise. The What Up Dough Experience, coming Saturday to the Stockdale Affairs Event Center, promises to be unlike any doughnut experience you've ever had.

In the grand tradition of grand openings, Sully's at Stockdale and Coffee has been open for a few months. Of course, we're not going to let a little operation time get in the way of a celebration, which will take place Saturday at the new station in the Stockdale Centre complex.

Bakersfield is no stranger to combining fundraisers and food. As we've said before, the community's giving heart is as big as its insatiable appetite. With that in mind, here are some upcoming ways to give and grub.

For the fifth year, Blaze Pizza is celebrating Pi Day (3/14) with a discount deal. On Wednesday, diners can build their own pie for just $3.14, in honor of the mathematical constant of the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

We're smack-dab in the middle of Lent but if your dreams are of a full meat spread, Bakersfield is serving up a feast this month. Two new full-service meat counters are opening: Wood-Dale Market's second location and Prime Time BBQ, Meats & Deli, which is set to open in the former home o…

If I was pressed to describe the food at Muertos Kitchen & Lounge, I’d use the phrase stylish bar food. The bar is usually set pretty low in bars for a decent meal. If it’s hot and preferably greasy, it’ll satisfy. The kitchen here has always aimed higher.

When The Mark Restaurant opened downtown back in 2012 it immediately set itself up as a competitor to The Padre for the King of Downtown in both elegance and culinary ambitions. The place had class, style and a kitchen that could do everything from meatloaf to a fine steak with panache.