Recently I was at home watching the evening news with my 8-year-old granddaughter. The newscaster was commenting on the horrendous story of the parents in Perris who had held their 13 children captive for years. I shook my head, and finally said, “The authorities should lock them up and throw away the key!” My grandchild chimed in immediately saying, “They should be executed!”

Wow! What an emotionally charged verdict coming from one so extremely young. I was a little taken aback. I don’t think my little granddaughter is truly meaner, but her response demonstrated she knows when something is radically wrong.

The truth is, the Turpins are perhaps the most egregious example of a lack of love we have seen in several decades. Who does that? What could have possibly been going on in their depraved minds, if they have any?

As we again approach Valentine’s Day, perhaps we can think of more ways and occasions to celebrate love for more than one day of the year.

Valentine’s Day is usually billed as a day of happiness and joy — and it is for many people. But for many others, it is not.

There is a man in my family who recently turned 52. He has been engaged two or three times since his late twenties, but still has not found a suitable soul mate.

There are others who find nice mates, and kill them, as is concluded in the cases of the two Petersons — Scott and Drew. That is so disheartening. If you don’t love them anymore, you don’t have to kill them.

Speaking of killing, not everyone may remember the fact that the original St. Valentine lost his life because of his support for marital love. He was beaten, stoned and hung for running afoul of the wishes of religious leaders.

In today's world, we need more love than ever before. In fact, we need a "Total Eclipse of the Heart." The popular song of this same title by Bonnie Tyler begins with the word “turnaround.” If ever we needed to do that, it is now. From Washington, D.C., to Baja California, some people need to turn around and pursue a different path.

One day a high school student was looking at the newspaper during the class period and he eventually said,” This news is so depressing.” He is right. It is not only majorly depressing. it is sometimes downright disheartening.

It is no fun to read about break-ins, arsons, car thefts, armed robberies, kidnapping, gang activity, murders, etc. But that is the world we live in, and people have a right to be informed.

The aforementioned songwriter also says, “Turnaround, every now and then I get a little bit nervous that the best of all years have gone by …” Yes, you do feel that way sometimes, but when you do, turn around and go in the opposite direction.

Jesus gave some meaningful advice to His disciples at supper on His very last night on Earth.

He said, “I am giving you a new commandment that you love one another as I have loved you.”

The Turpins could have used a triple dose of that!

I like the advice that Jesus gave, and I would like to see it be put in practice on a daily basis, and maybe served up in multiple doses for Valentine’s.