BC singers have much to remember and celebrate, and they intend to do it with music this Friday in their first concert of the academic year.

The college’s two choirs will perform a program called “The Music of Living.” Director Jennifer Garrett said she chose that title because “music is part of how we live.”

“It carries us through the challenging times in life and helps us celebrate the good times,” Garrett said.

“Music is how we truly express those emotions, opinions and memories that simply cannot be expressed through words alone.”

Garrett said the singers will combine their own words with the musical program, as many have volunteered to read personal essays explaining why they have made such a commitment to music.

“But most importantly, the concert is dedicated to one of our own members who recently passed away,” Garrett said.

Garrett was referring to Jonathan Garcia, 17, a first-time freshman who was killed when struck by a car on the evening of Sept. 9.

“He was a new music major, football player, member of the junior ROTC, a mariachi guitar player and one of the nicest people anyone could know,” Garrett said. “The choir members unanimously decided to dedicate this concert to the way he celebrated every day and loved music.”

The concert program displays a full range of music history, from the Renaissance composer Palestrina, through Romantic era composers such as Brahms and Faure, into the 20th century with Sergei Rachmaninoff and up to the 21st century with a new piece by BC professor emeritus Ron Kean.

This is also the first of several concerts scheduled for the program’s chamber singers, who are preparing for their performance before the California Music Educators Conference in February.

“The chamber singers were selected from numerous choirs through blind auditions as one of only nine choirs to perform at this conference,” Garrett said.

That part of the program will include “Ave Maria” by Franz Biebl; “Twa Tanbou,” a Creole song by Sidney Guillaume; and “Bogoroditse Dyevo” (“Hail, Mary”) from Rachmaninoff’s “All-Night Vespers.”

Friday’s concert will be performed at the Simonsen Performing Arts Center Indoor Theater at the college, starting at 7:30 p.m.

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