Say what you will, but Bakersfield is a town that celebrates theater. From high school productions to our collection of community theaters, performers and crews are producing an impressive amount of drama (on stage and possibly off).

Bakersfield's a good spot if you want to enjoy a concert or take in a theatrical production. But it's not every day you can head out to a show that feels like a rock concert. That's where Ovation Theatre comes in with its season closer, "Million Dollar Quartet."

Who hasn't wished they could throw off the shackles of everyday life by assuming a different persona and leading another life? Well, maybe not everyone, but the creative types out there have certainly indulged in some daydreaming. That is certainly the case for Oscar Wilde and his play, "The…

How do you spell victory? This time around it's F-R-O-N-T-I-E-R as the high school performs its version of the "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" this week.

March roars in like a lion, at least in terms of activity this First Friday. It's another busy gathering of art, music, food and fun downtown.

Stars Theatre Restaurant heads back down the Mississippi this weekend with the opening of ”Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." This is the third adaptation of the musical based on Mark Twain's tale of poor teen Huckleberry Finn and Jim, a slave who takes off with Finn down the ri…

More than two dozen performers looking for that one singular sensation will take to the stage of Stockdale High's theater Thursday for the opening of “A Chorus Line” High School Edition.

Over at South High School, they're not doing anything by half-measures. So when it came time to produce their last full-scale production of 2018 — "The Time-Traveling Love Paradox of Camp Punikaka in 4-D" — students and staff went all out with lasers, a sing-along, Girl Scouts and more.

Art is everywhere — even in a small fridge of fresh fruit juices. Those wondering about the connection should check out Thursday's Art After Dark at the Bakersfield Museum of Art.

For 20 years, the global activist movement V-Day has raised funds to end violence against women and girls. The fight continues this week with performances of "The Vagina Monologues" at Bakersfield Community Theatre.

If the right side of the brain covers art awareness and the left is responsible for science and math comprehension, then these talented students at South High School are tapping their full potential. The teens created a series of work that makes up "Geometrix," on display now at The Empty Sp…

Valley Oaks Charter School may not get the word out as easily as those in the Kern High School District that doesn't mean they want to operate in a bubble. Valley Oaks' students are hoping you'll head out for their performances of "Annie Play Will Do," a musical mashup playing this week at t…

The new year continues to churn out new shows to help shake off the winter doldrums. Adding to the busy slate this weekend are two shows: "The Foreigner," a comedy at Bakersfield Community Theatre, and the mythic "Almost, Maine" at Stars West Comedy Theater.

The Industrial Revolution brought many innovations to Western civilization, not the least of which was how to market a more luxurious way of life. Through "Historic Posters from the Collection of Citizens Business Bank 1875 to 1950," guests of the Bakersfield Museum of Art will be able to se…

Sometimes Bakersfield gets a bad rap for what can be branded a small-town mentality. While our community is far more progressive than some give us credit for, it's worth noting that there can also be beauty in a simpler way of life. "The Music Man," which opens Friday at Stars, serves as a v…

For the first First Friday of 2018, everyone is shaking off the chill for a lively presentation of art, dining and entertainment. Here's a look at some of what's on tap.

While many children spend the last days of holiday vacation glued to electronic devices, the creative kids headed to the Bakersfield Museum of Art had a different pastime in mind. Those attending Wednesday's session of the Kids Winter Art Workshop explored the theme of "Nature and the Self,"…

When it comes to December theater, you can go with a dedicated holiday story or you can focus on a tale with themes indicative of the season. The Empty Space chose the latter with "Little Women The Musical," which opens Friday.

This season, everyone is celebrating their holiday traditions but this year is a special one for Kimberly Peaker-Lozano. The director is heading up the Stars production of "White Christmas," based on her favorite Christmas film. 

If your company's holiday Christmas party is a little lackluster, Bakersfield Community Theatre has a present for you with its production of "The Desk Set."

Broadway is a great distance from Bakersfield but die-hard theater fans don't need a first-class plane ticket to get the dish on classic shows. A one-night-only event at a local theater is set to deliver the drama and delight of the New York theater district.

Many claim it's the most wonderful time of the year, but for Michael Prince, it's a certainty. The artistic director at Gaslight Melodrama looks forward to putting on the theater's annual Holiday Extravaganza, which opens Friday.

After the Halloween tricks this week, we're enjoying a real treat: cool fall weather. That makes the conditions just right for folks headed downtown for First Friday, which will bustle with art, food, music and fun. Here's a look at what's on tap.

"It's never too late to discover who you are and to surprise yourself." Those words, from Mariah Jordan, co-director of "Stop Kiss" at Bakersfield Community Theatre, are welcome ones for anyone long out of their twenties considering a change.

We often hear back from readers — with both good and bad news — and it's far preferable when it's positive. So it was a welcome email this week from Doris Duquette, who has proven herself both a friend (actually capital F Friend) of the Kern County Library as well as local theater.

Most opportunities to support the arts in Bakersfield are on a smaller scale — an exhibition opening, art walk or festival. But when you're gathering more than 400 artists to create work at the same time, you can only be talking about Via Arte.

Bakersfield College will pause for some "Reflection" on Thursday. The college's Wylie & May Louise Jones Gallery will host the opening reception for the exhibition of work by Los Angeles-based artists Aaron Farley and Joshua Schaedel. 

This is a banner weekend for the arts at Bakersfield's foundations of higher education. As Bakersfield College holds its first Panorama Creative Music Summit, Cal State Bakersfield is celebrating its own music program as well as art and theater at the annual Taste of the Arts on Sunday.

If someone tells you they saw a work of art in a bar, it's more likely the start of a story about a night of partying hard than an actual bonafide painting. But that's about to change Sunday after Pyrenees Cafe hosts the first Artist Connection show.