Shatner still boldly going — and this time it's to Bakersfield

William Shatner brings his one-man show to Bakersfield's Fox Theater on May 8. "They will see a lot of 'Trek' material, but I will talk about it from an angle that they probably haven't heard," Shatner said.

William Shatner is a man who never says no.

He didn’t say no to a string of schlocky post-“Star Trek” movies with titles like “Big Bad Mama” and “The Horror at 37,000 Feet.”

He didn’t say no to the game-show circuit, and we’re talking “Celebrity Bowling,” not just prestige projects like “Hollywood Squares.”

He didn’t say no — and thanks be to the gods of camp he didn’t — to a now legendary, he-can’t-be-serious spoken-word performance of Elton John’s

Settlers of Catan will be one of the board games in play in honor of International TableTop Day Saturday.

Roll the dice on fun gaming day

Board games have come a long way from Life and Monopoly. Role playing and strategizing, miniatures and collectible cards have taken over the table. The industry has grown so much that Geek & Sundry, an online video network that focuses on pop culture, dubbed April 30 International TableTop Day.

TV watchdog Melvin P. Thorpe (Jason McClain) warns his audience that "€œTexas Has a Whorehouse In It"€ in a scene from "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" at Stars Theatre Restaurant.

STEFANI DIAS: It’s been a business doing pleasure in Stars show

By Saturday, Bakersfield’s “Whorehouse” will have closed for business. In this case, it’s not the handiwork of a moralistic killjoy that has Stars shutting the doors on its theatrical production but rather the end of the spirited show’s run. That said, you’ve still got three opportunities —



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    • Country music legend Merle Haggard in July.

      Merle's Bakersfield memorial service is ...

      Bakersfield is invited to say goodbye to Merle Haggard at a family-sanctioned local memorial to the country music legend. Haggard’s sister, Lillian Haggard Rea, is planning the service for 10:30 a.m. May 10 at Valley Baptist Church in northwest Bakersfield, according to Jim Haggard, the singer’s

    • A few restaurants in the food court at Valley Plaza were reopened Wednesday after being shut down the day before by food inspectors.

      Food inspectors found every diner's worst fear in mall basement

      County health inspectors went looking for plumbing problems in a Valley Plaza basement Wednesday and found every restaurant diner’s worst fear: roaches. An infestation of them. On the bright side, the plumbing issues that forced the closure of the food court the day before apparently have been

    • Peluqueria Canina originated in Madrid, but the punk quartet has been building a steady following in the United States.

      MATT MUNOZ: A Peluqueria brand of punk

      What do the restless youths on the streets of Madrid have in common with the restless youths on the streets of Bakersfield? Punk quartet Peluqueria Canina, whose new full-length album “Jovenes Promesas,” has been slow-burning its way through indie music channels after being released stateside

    • Tommy Emmanuel will play two dates in Bakersfield, May 3 and 4.

      Australian guitarist excited to play Merle's hometown

      For a musician who has never been to Bakersfield, legendary Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel knows a lot about this town – at least the music side. “My brother Phil and I were raised on country music. That’s all we ever played in the family band,” Emmanuel said in a recent phone interview from

    • Actress Kelly Ripa arrives at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, California February 28, 2016.  REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

      Television personality Kelly Ripa returns to 'Live'

      After a week of strife, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan were all smiles when they walked on the set of “Live! With Kelly and Michael” Tuesday morning, the Washington Post reports. Ripa, who had been absent since the middle of last week, took the stage solo and gave a big smile to the audience, who

    • Cocktails for good cause? We'll drink to that

      If anyone needs an excuse to go to a nice cocktail party this weekend, here’s a good one: All of the ticket proceeds will go to help local foster children. Smart Cocktails, one of several fundraisers to be held by CASA of Kern County this year, will be held Saturday at the home of Robert and Patty

    • Valley Plaza's food court has been shut down by health inspectors due to a sewage problem.

      Mall food court shut down indefinitely

      A health inspector eating lunch at Valley Plaza on Tuesday got some unappetizing news from a restaurant staffer: Mall management had told food court tenants not to use water or put anything down their sinks because of a plumbing issue. The tip-off launched an immediate investigation by the Kern

    • Herb Benham

      HERB BENHAM: What could be more interesting?

      I start with a musical recommendation. That’s how fired up I am about Darlingside and their song “The God of Loss.” This group, comprised of four guys who met at Williams College, makes terrific music. Exquisite songwriting and harmonies that will remind you why you love music. You’ll want to

    • On the strength of his 2015 breakthrough album "Traveller," Chris Stapleton is the hottest thing in country music today. At his sold-out performance Friday at Rabobank Theater, he and his band performed a two-song tribute to hometown hero Merle Haggard, who died April 6.

      An emotional Bakersfield moment for Merle, thanks to Stapleton

      An original who writes as well as he sings as well as he plays guitar whose pure, honest approach to country music has pounded the slick, monolithic Nashville sound like a pile driver. Sound like anyone you know? If Chris Stapleton reminds Bakersfield of Merle Haggard, he should. Stapleton is the

    • Don Thompson of Buttonwillow was recently named Kern County's first poet laureate by the Arts Council of Kern. The public position will be a bit of a change for the typically reserved poet. “I’ve been drawn out more the past few years, and eventually you get noticed. It’s better than not getting noticed. Now (as laureate) all bets are off. I have to be public now, and I’m kind of excited about it.”

      Meet Kern's first poet laureate

      Don Thompson might not think of himself as a poet, but his new appointment as Kern County’s first poet laureate should confirm the fact, if his dozen or so poetry books and even more unpublished works hadn’t already. The public position is sure to shake things up for the reserved Buttonwillow poet