• Narducci's Cafe on East 21st Street is closed for now but the new manager intends to open on Sept. 1.

    What's up with Narducci's Cafe?

    It’s a good thing picon punch and pickled tongue are not hard to come by in Old Town Kern since Narducci’s Cafe turned away all comers this week, the restaurant/bar temporarily closed as a new manager prepares to take over the iconic establishment. Angel Gonzalez, who owns the Bull Shed bar and

  • The neon of the Fox Theater marquee lights up the downtown sky at an event at the historic downtown theater.

    Changes afoot at the Fox Theater

    The Fox Theater Foundation has announced a change in management, effective Jan. 1. Bob Bender, a Bakersfield native who owns a local production company, will assume day-to-day management responsibilities at the downtown Bakersfield landmark, the foundation announced. The current operator, a

  • Lam's Chinese Restaurant server Gerardo Gonzalez serves up plates of food to customers at lunch time in this 2013 photo. Lam's manager Jay Woo said the rumor that the northeast Bakersfield restaurant is for sale is not true. “We don’t know where it got started or who was spreading it,” Woo said in a phone interview. “It seemed so many people heard about it.”

    THE DISH: This fave Bakersfield restaurant is NOT for sale ...

    It’s easy to imagine how rumors can start on the restaurant scene — it’s a people business, and intensely competitive — but it’s also easy to see how false information can hurt. Lam’s Chinese Restaurant, one of our favorites, has been victimized by such rumors recently. The business, located at

  • The ahogadas torta at Loncheria Otro Rollo. The sauce is tingly-in-the-mouth hot, and enough to make you slightly uncomfortable until the burn goes away.

    PETE TITTL: The potato taco at this food truck? Out of bounds

    Back in June, we wrote about the increased popularity of food trucks, especially Mexican taco trucks. But since this particular culinary delight is a moving target — literally — we enlisted our readers as we continue to search for worthy food trucks. What started the whole thing in the first place

  • Larry Itliong was a key figure in initiating the Delano grape strike in 1965, but his contributions and those of other Filipino-American labor leaders are not as well known as those of Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta.

    Filipino-Americans: The forgotten leaders of '65 grape strike

    Larry Itliong and Philip Vera Cruz don’t have the name recognition of Cesar Chavez, the man who became the face of the farmworkers rights movement 50 years ago. Their names don’t grace any parks or streets, their contributions, and those of other Filipino farm laborers, often forgotten.But a two-

  • Cameron Polte shows his Ronka tee shirt as his friends John Haupt, left, and Colton Harris show their skills in the background.

    New skatepark ramps up the fun for riders

    When it comes to extreme sports, there seems to be an underdog. Scooter riders perform impressive feats on ramps, bowls and half-pipes, too, but don’t often get the attention that skateboarders and BMX riders do. Hoping to provide a place for scooter riders to practice and exhibit their skills, two

  • Fresh pastries and cookies, made by the hard-working members of St. George Greek Orthodox Church. The Greek Food Festival is moving back a month to mid-October when temperatures should be a bit milder.

    It's not goodbye, but see you later for Greek Food Fest

    Those looking forward to loukoumades this fall will have to wait a bit longer: The annual Greek Food Festival is moving to October. For years, the annual event, put on by St. George Greek Orthodox Church, duked it out for guests with gatherings like Village Fest and the Wasco Festival of Roses

  • Norman Colwell will debut his show, "The Oxymoron Oracle," Saturday at Gus' Garage.

    STEFANI DIAS: Play takes a satirical look at war in Iraq

    From tragic comedies to random order, local actor Norman Colwell has long been a fan of oxymorons. Now he brings one to the stage in “The Oxymoron Oracle,” playing Saturday at Gus’ Garage. Colwell wrote the show about a year ago. The plot follows Jim (Colwell) and John (Tim Fromm), who consult the

  • Bakersfield High School art teacher Yvonne Cavanagh created this ceramic aye-aye in the style of artist Robert Arneson for the new children's book "If Picasso Went to the Zoo" by Eric Gibbons.

    BHS teacher's art is one for the book

    What do you get when you combine animals, alliteration and art? If that sounds like the makings of a good children’s book, you’d be right on track for “If Picasso Went to the Zoo.” The book, written by Eric Gibbons, features the work of 50 art teachers, including Bakersfield High School ceramics

  • Alexis Barrios waits in line Wednesday morning at the new Krispy Kreme, which opens on Sept. 1. If she and her family go the distance, they will have waited in line eight days for the privilege of being first to welcome the doughnut chain back to town.

    In line at Krispy Kreme, you get to know Bakersfield

    No inducement — not even a year’s supply of iced glazed — is worth standing in line for a week in this heat at the soon-to-open (but not that soon) Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. That’s what you’re thinking as you drive to the Northwest Promenade, air-conditioning blasting even at 8:30 a.m., to see for

  • Courtney Sturm on the spider wall at Rush Air Sports.

    Unlock the ninja in ya at Rush Air Sports

    In the summer television doldrums of reruns and blink-and-you-miss-’em test shows, it’s no wonder that “American Ninja Warrior” dominates in the ratings, luring 7 million viewers this month. The NBC show pits contestants against nearly impossible obstacle courses designed to raise heart rates and

  • Versatile singer Ashten Smith has done everything from local musical theater to trying to match some of the strongest voices in opera.

    CSUB grad trying to make some noise with her soprano

    Bakersfield-born soprano Ashten Smith has always known she would be a singer. “I still remember when I was about 6 years old and I would be riding in the back of my mom’s Honda,” Smith said. “She would have the radio on and I would sing non-stop.” Smith, who graduated from Cal State Bakersfield

  • Rodney Carrington brings his standup act to the Fox Theater in Bakersfield on Aug. 30.

    Rodney Carrington gives Bako a dose of truth

    No entertainer wants to be pigeonholed: He’s funny but he can’t act. Just because he acts, he thinks he can sing. For Rodney Carrington, 46, the desire to prove himself in a variety of genres hasn’t been an issue because he’s done it from the get-go. The standup comedian/ actor/singer has starred

  • Kristian Bush is one-half of the country super-duo Sugarland, which is on hiatus. Though Bush usually leaves the singing to partner Jennifer Nettles, it's his voice that's on full display at Bush's solo gigs, like the one Aug. 28 at Buck Owens' Crystal Palace in Bakersfield.

    A little Sugarland, a lot of Kristian Bush at Crystal Palace concert

    As Sugarland fans likely know, the platinum-selling country duo has been on a break since 2012. Though the band hasn’t broken up, it might be awhile until fans can see both Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush on the same stage. Luckily for Bakersfield fans, they can see one half of the duo on Friday.

  • Director of photography Zsigmond James, center, helps with the lighting of a scene for "Papa," the working title of a movie being filmed at Stockdale Tower in Bakersfield. Rapha Bola, left, and Arman Zajic assist with lighting.

    Is that Ann-Margret? Bakersfield film shoot under way

    Hollywood might be more than 100 miles away, but sometimes it’s closer to Bakersfield than that. Cast and crew from Los Angeles holed up in the sixth floor of the Stockdale Tower on Monday, preparing to film a scene for an independent movie to be released next year. Referred to as both “Papa”

  • Patricia "the jam queen" Reed in her natural habitat, the kitchen. Along with a full-time preserve-making hobby, Reed is also a big Disney fan as her accessories show. “My grandmother was my inspiration,” Reed said. “When I was teaching school I would come home and come into her house, with a wafting wonderful aroma of apples and peaches."

    'Jam queen' and fair champ preserves dying art

    Children returned to classrooms this week but the school jam session on some teachers’ minds is still a month away. That’s when Patricia Reed returns to Seibert Elementary, where she taught for 32 years, to get feedback on the cornucopia of jellies and preserves she’s made for the Kern County Fair.

  • The rib-eye steaks at Mike & Annie's McKittrick Hotel Penny Bar & Cafe are succulent treats. And if you're making the 40-minute drive from Bakersfield, the $18 entree price makes up for the cost of gas. The values here are astonishing.

    PETE TITTL: Stake your claim and claim your steak in McKittrick

    I’ll forgive you if you’ve never been to McKittrick. Most folks in town are there because they work in the oilfields or perhaps are just determined to see how far west they can go on Highway 58 before they need to stop for gas or a bathroom break. This tiny speck of a town with one hotel that