Three education issues Fong and Salas need to pay attention to

There are currently three issues related to education in California worthy of the attention of our assemblymen, Vince Fong (CA34) and Rudy Salas (CA32).

First, the teacher shortage could be addressed by allowing veteran teachers who are near retirement to job share with another veteran teacher without harm to their “bottom line” retirement. Many teachers would work longer and continue to contribute if a half day were possible.

Second, the Assembly should consider a bill that would require all administrators to spend one day per quarter substitute teaching in a classroom. Too many current administrators are very distant from the realities of teaching today. They should be required to reconnect as a condition of renewing their credential.

Finally, legislation for teacher training to support the new Civics Seal on the diploma should be passed. Currently the federally funded James Madison Legacy Project has trained more than 100 teachers (30 percent in Kern County). However, those funds will expire soon. The Civics Seal indicates that the state values and will reward civics skills in our graduates.

Let’s provide for teacher training and curriculum development for support. The ability for our children to practice and develop the skills of civil discourse was never more needed than now.

Terri Richmond, Bakersfield

Manson's burial should be in unmarked grave

Charles Manson’s remains should be put in an unmarked grave in a potter's field so no one can make a hero or martyr or shrine out of his grave. That’s the best he deserves.

Chuck Armstrong, Bakersfield

Los Angeles is always leaving us to deal with their waste

Once again it seems Los Angeles is dumping on Kern County and Bakersfield. For years we have been fighting to keep their human waste off our fields. They fought hard to defend their so-called right to send us their excrement. Those south of the Grapevine truly have a disdain for our community and don’t care.

Now, they have dumped their mass murderer, Charlie Manson, on our doorstep. The crimes were committed in Los Angeles County but they expect us to deal with his remains. I don’t see Los Angeles offering to take this situation off our hands, so here is my solution:

Cremate old Charlie and mix his remains with the other excrement they send us and spread it on the fields. The liberals driving on Interstate 5 between Los Angeles and San Francisco can show their children where Charlie Manson and their other waste are buried. Who knows, you may catch a glimpse of young girls with sundresses and swastikas on their foreheads walking the fields.

Robert Clements, Bakersfield

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