This feedback forum is designed to give readers a way to voice criticisms and compliments or ask questions about The Californian’s news coverage. Your questions — which may be edited for space — are answered here each Saturday by The Californian’s Robert Price.

Reader: I read your "Today In History" every day. It is inconceivable to me that you missed noting that this day, Nov. 10, is the 242nd birthday of the United States Marine Corps.

All those headlines about veterans' recognition and you missed a service birthday. Let's get on the stick.

— Capt. Douglas T. Schanzenbach, USMC (ret.), Vietnam vet

Price: You phrased that well, sir. Indeed, all those headlines about veterans' recognition and we missed a service birthday.

I first saw your email as I was trying to decide how to deploy our reporters and photographers on Friday, Veterans Day observed: the unveiling of a Statue of Liberty mural, a downtown Liberty Bell plaza celebration of veterans, and an observance of the aforementioned Marine Corps birthday at the local veterans' service center. On my desk, as I write this, is Friday's paper, with a cover photo of a Korean War vet and a World War II vet. Inside the paper, a list of services and freebies for veterans this weekend, a story about Saturday's Veterans Day parade and Things You Need to Know's opening blurb about the local celebration of the Marine Corps anniversary you reference.

The vendor who supplies our "Today in History" feature,, did indeed neglect to note the Marines' birthday. On-this-day did, however, remember that the American Legion was formed, the Iwo Jima Memorial was dedicated and the Vietnam memorial was opened, each on a Nov. 10.

We shall try to get on the stick.


Reader: Regarding your Nov. 10 article, "Dreamers to Valadao: It's time to act on DREAM Act": These pant loads can always count on The Californian to run out and take a picture of their six-person "demonstration" for local consumption. This paper never tires of being a tool.

— Gary Johns

Price: Yes, The Californian never tires of covering important issues of the day. And by any measure, this one qualifies.

Some 1.9 million immigrants are eligible for the program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, enough people to create the fifth-largest city in America, behind Houston.

I'm assuming you're not one of those people. Not your problem, then, I guess. Belated congratulations on the circumstances of your birth.

Reporter Joseph Luiz tells me about 30 people participated in the demonstration.


Readers: Your editors have shown that your newspaper is so disgustingly one-sided that I will not even use it to line my cat's dirt box. Putting the cartoon by Dave Granlund in your newspaper indicates that you believe President Trump is on a par with that disgusting creature Harvey Weinstein, when there is no comparison. Trump may have said "words" about what he could do if he wanted to, but Weinstein's actions were egregious.

I am canceling my subscription and will not renew it ever again. I hope others will do the same.

— Anne Grogan

Price: Apparently I haven't been saying this often enough or clearly enough: Our printing of someone's opinion — a syndicated column, guest editorial, letter to the editor, letter to Sound Off or political cartoon — does not make that opinion the newspaper's official position. We are committed to publishing a wide range of opinions on a wide range of topics. We don't endorse any of them. Can't — they're contradictory. 

It's ironic, Ann, that this political cartoon about sexual harassment and sexual assault would send you over the edge. We have published many of your letters, most of them quite strident, and, frankly, I can't say I agree with a lot of them. But you've got a right to express them. No one that I'm aware of has cancelled his subscription because we published one of your letters.


Reader: Thank you for your article in the Nov. 7 paper regarding our 75th wedding anniversary ("Still feisty after all these years: Dudneys celebrate 75 years"). You have made our day even more special than it already is. We sincerely appreciate your newspaper. We start every morning with a cup of coffee and The Bakersfield Californian. We are longtime subscribers. Can't imagine starting our day without it.

— Richard and Juanita Dudney

Price: What a pleasure it was to talk with you. And what a pleasure to write about something besides cannabis, North Korea and Twitter feuds. Save me a place at the table for your 76th!


Reader: I am taking this moment to acknowledge Trevor Horn's balanced approach in sports reporting: He notes the efforts and contributions of players on both sides of the game. My son Zion Williams plays safety for the defense of Bakersfield College. Zion has always spoken on the football field through his play and never complained about the lack of acknowledgment, and that has always been enough for me.

But Trevor has made opening the TBC mobile app to read his balanced reporting of the game fulfilling, and I thank him.

— Keith Williams

Price: Now Trevor will get a big head, but thank you for recognizing his work. I suppose I should too. One of these days.

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