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Robert Price


This feedback forum is designed to give readers a way to voice criticisms and compliments or ask questions about The Californian’s news coverage. Your questions — which may be edited for space — are answered here each Saturday by The Californian’s Robert Price.

Reader: I will miss Lois Henry and her tenacious fact-finding approach to community concerns. While her carefully researched reporting on water issues was of great interest, her campaign against illegal fireworks was my favorite cause. Granted, I don't have a dog in that fight (so to speak) since I and my dog live in an area where ALL fireworks are banned, but I remember too well the horrors of the 4th in the city so I rooted for her enthusiastically.

Well done, Lois. Thank you and best of luck in your new endeavor. Never give up!

— Pamela Wildermuth

Reader: Goodbye to The Bakersfield Californian. With the leaving of Lois Henry, 50 percent for the reason reading of the newspaper has gone; at least we still have the comics and Herb.

Though I disagreed many times with Lois, mostly during the July 4th holidays, Lois was honest and extremely knowledgeable in her opinions and articles. I for one and many others will miss reading her columns.

Good luck, Lois, on your new adventure.

— Ronal Reynier

Reader: I am going to miss Lois Henry's columns. She has a style of writing that is unique and informative. Reading her articles feels more like having a conversation with her sitting across the breakfast room table than reading the newspaper. She is always passionate about her subject, and conveys that passion to the reader. I hope that she will find time to write a guest column or two in the future. Good luck, Lois!

— Robert Rapp

Price: No one is irreplaceable but some are much harder to replace than others. This is in the much, much category.


Reader: I only recently renewed my subscription to your newspaper because I was assured by one of your employees that it had stopped the continuous bashing of our president. It appears that I was lied to. 

This female columnist, Petula Dvoark, appears to be one of the thoroughly brain-washed "progressives" that graduates from many of our colleges these days ("Trump lit the torches of white supremacy in Charlottesville; we must extinguish them," Aug. 14) She equates the white supremacists with our president, without any real proof. How many ways does President Trump have to say that he "condemns in the strongest possible terms ... bigotry... on all sides"? Why is Trump responsible for these anti-Semitic idiots? Did I ever read where Obama was responsible for the creation of Black Lives Matter?

I wonder what would have occurred if the marchers in Charlottesville had simply been ignored, which would have been the correct way to treat their stupidity, but no, the idiots on the left had to start a riot.

I think Ms. Dvoark should hire a "professional cuddler," go to her "safe space" and curl into a fetal position and leave the rest of us sane people without her idiotic diatribes.

— Anne Grogan

Price: If you were told that The Californian would never, ever publish anything that reflected negatively on this president, no matter what he said or did, then you were ... given erroneous information. But I doubt it was explained in that way.

The fact is President Trump went "rogue," to quote one of his advisors, and said things about the Charlottesville showdown that several members of his own party condemned. Dvoark didn't say anything that others haven't said elsewhere.

We try to publish commentaries that give Trump the benefit of the doubt on controversial issues — honest! — but they're getting harder and harder to find.


Reader: The whole Charlottesville incident was structured by radical leftists with George Soros money and the complicity of the MSM — and local media.

There is no way there will be peaceful demonstrations anywhere in the USA until these leftist groups are contained and their high level money sources cut off.

— Jerry Todd

Price: Local media — like The Californian? — was complicit in this grand plot to disrupt a peaceful protest by white supremists, with their shields, semiautomatic weapons and anti-Semitic chants? You have clearly been smoking too much Infowars. Punditfact, a division of Politifact, gave this Alex Jones-authored fantasy, upon which your claim is apparently based, a "Pants on Fire" rating.


Reader: The paper has an accuracy problem, with little things. Monday, you ran a column by a lady named Dvorak, or Dvoark.

Tuesday, page 11, there is a study about the American workplace. The large pull-out quote was signed by Maestro, but it's Maestas in the text.

Tuesday's is rather bad!

— Larry Dunn

Price: No excuse, except haste. Which is a lousy excuse.


Reader: Regarding your Tuesday note in Things You Need to Know about CSUB's basketball attendance: I'm an alumnus of CSUB and as big a fan as anyone of their respective sports programs/teams. But I had to do a double-, triple- and quadruple-take when I saw your headline regarding CSUB men's basketball attendance. Thirteenth in Division I attendance? I did a little research (which obviously your reporters and editors failed to do) and quickly found out they aren't even in the top 100. And probably aren't even in the top 200, although I didn't scroll down that far. Very irresponsible to report that and even more so to include it in the headline.

— Bill Harper

Price: You are correct, sir. The way that item was written was misleading at best. The Roadrunners were 13th in Division I in "average increase" of attendance — a jump of 1,028 fans per game. While that's pretty impressive, it's nowhere near 13th in average attendance, period.


Reader: I want to thank The Bakersfield Californian and Elizabeth Sanchez for including an article about our Nixon Advocate of the Year, Pam Spitzer. This article encouraged community members to call and learn more about CASA. Nine people called or emailed to find out more about becoming a volunteer. A few of those individuals have already gone to orientation and have even signed up for an interview to become a child advocate! This is all in less than a week!

We are grateful for the opportunity to share about CASA so that more foster children have a voice in the court system. Thank you!

— Diana Ramirez

Price: No, thank you. The CASA program, whose volunteers advocate for children innocently thrust into the court system, is most deserving of our praise and respect.

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Very nice to see the editor of our paper publicly admit his paper and the far left have decided for all us that "free speech" is only acceptable when it goes along with there opinion only. Every group in this country has the right to protest gather and say what they want, especially if they legally go through process of getting and paying for the required permits. If you don't agree with ANY groups message do the right thing organize your own counter protest and get a permit. I call you sir a liberal punk who has obviously never worn a uniform to defend the very rights you live under and you want to decide for others which rights YOU and your other libtards like Lois Henry want to take from other people. Not your place to decide.

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