I am commenting on the letter that Tom Fallgatter submitted ("Writer only concerned about himself," Oct. 29). The estate tax should not exist. Families passing it down should be able to do just that. There should be no tax.

I'm thinking Mr. Fallgatter is a liberal because this is their thinking, The government is owed their money. As an independent, I think otherwise: The government deserves nothing, especially in California where they tax us to death. When has a liberal ever lowered our taxes here in California? Never.

What I own during my lifetime, my family deserves when I am dead. They deserve every penny. You're right — when you are dead, you have nothing, but your family should not lose what you worked so hard for.

The government does not make an 18-year-old join the Army, Navy or Marines unless there is a draft. My son signed the required documents but was never called to join. People who join, go voluntarily. Do you not know this? Some join to get a free education, some because they have nowhere else to go, some because they love their country and some because their family is military.

— Sandi Murray, Bakersfield

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