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Finally! Someone is pointing out that the emperor has no clothes. In this case, the empress and the organization named after her.

The Dolores Huerta Foundation has been active in Kern County on illegal immigration, union demands and, in the last few years, education. They’ve been given carte blanche at various meetings and in the media. But finally some are speaking up. Even going so far as to declare that the Dolores Huerta Foundation's talking points are lies. And they are!

Mike Williams, an elected trustee of the Kern High School District, wrote at length on his Facebook page (which can be accessed publicly) about the multiple lies spewed by the foundation at Monday's board meeting. At that meeting, the DHF presented a petition signed by 3,000 people in Arvin demanding that the Kern High School District reverse its decision to allow heavily trained teachers and staff with a concealed carry weapons permit (also called a CCW) to carry their guns on campus for the protection of the students and staff.

Joining Williams was concerned parent Bryan Colebrook, who also called out DHF for lying in its statements to the board and the media.

What were the lies? For a full list I direct you to Williams’ Facebook post. I’m going to focus on the lie I’ve heard repeated so many times it’s become fact.

The Dolores Huerta Foundation has repeatedly claimed that the vote to approve a policy to allow concealed guns on campus was taken in a special meeting with no opportunity for opposing voices to comment. They would like you to believe that they were sideswiped by the vote and had never had a chance to protest.


The truth is that the issue had been debated at KHSD board meetings since spring of 2016, with speakers from DHF at every meeting. Parent Bryan Colebrook remembers their presence not only because they testified, but because, according to him, he has had to “learn to block them out while I am speaking because they always interrupt and shout. It’s their typical MO to stifle free speech from those who disagree with them.” Colebrook says he’s not the only one they’ve attempted to drown out, shut down and intimidate.

If it were true that they were left out of the debate, I can’t help wonder if they remember the controversy over “The Bluest Eye,” a novel by Toni Morrison. Many parents felt that the book was not appropriate for high school students because it depicts the molestation of a young girl and later describes her masturbating with the help of a cat (don’t ask). As I recall, the trustees were so scared of both parents and unions/liberals/librarians that they decided to form an anonymous committee to read the book and make a recommendation to the board.

In the end, this secret group decided the book was appropriate and all but one trustee voted with the committee to keep "The Bluest Eye" in classrooms. Liberals considered this a victory. Now they complain that they didn’t have a place at the table on arming teachers? If that were true they’d be hypocrites. But since it’s not true, they’re just liars.

Of all of the “untruths” told by the local social justice activists, this one is the most egregious. If the foundation is brazen enough to lie on record, what on earth did they tell the 3,000 who signed their petition? And why Arvin? Could it be that DHF went to the district represented by the newest trustee, Joey O’Connell, in an effort to intimidate him?

Hopefully, in the future, the people of Kern County will be more bold in holding groups like the Dolores Huerta Foundation and the media that cover them accountable. Colebrook and Williams shouldn’t have to stand alone.

As for those of you who don’t want teachers to protect your child in every way they can: I hope you realize that all day, at grocery stores and banks, parking lots and doctors offices, even at church, you are probably in the company of people who are willing to risk their own lives to protect yours. Even if you hate the liberty they exercise.

Contributing columnist Inga Barks is a graduate of South High School and Cal State Bakersfield. She is a radio talk show host on KNZR. Her work appears here on Thursdays; the views expressed are her own.

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oops ....need 2 put on glasses......Barks chick


Banks chick is a mess......boy is she ever homegrown......


The last thing a liberal teacher should be allowed to do is own/carry a firearm. They'll accidentally kill themselves........wait, on second thought....


Glad to see the DHF finally being called out for the racist, violent far left group it really is. The old racist lady's day has passed and time for her state funds to dry up. I am really surprised the Kalifornian allowed his article in. Guess having facts made the difference is milked other contributors spewing tilted opinions with none that are posted daily (Lois, Danny)


Yeah, when everybody's packing, I feel a lot safer. Everyone knows there are no mentally unstable school employees.


Thanks Inga. So tired of everyone getting away with bold faced lies and no repercussions from them. It's time to stand up for truth whether you agree with the outcome or not.


You don't speak for everyone. I've seen three teachers in my day have a fit or mental breakdown.

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