Inga Barks

  • Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood describes the action of David Silva clutching the neck of a sheriff's dog.

    INGA BARKS: Shame on the media is right

    BOY did Sheriff Donny Youngblood tell US how the cow eats the cabbage this week. By "us" I mean we in the media. In his Thursday press conference regarding the death of David Sal Silva, who died after an altercation with sheriff's deputies, Youngblood released results from a

  • INGA BARKS: Immigration reform? Pass the salsa

    For the 20 years I've been in radio there are two sure-fire ways to get the talk phones lit up. One of them is the subject of immigration. Comments run the gamut, from calls for amnesty for those illegally here, to full-on deportation, to everything in between. Since the recent terror attack at

  • INGA BARKS: Stop the madness: Vote Florez

    Boy do we have a boatload of egos motoring around Kern County. Which is why I'm adopting a new motto for the next couple months: "Stop the madness! Vote Fran Florez!" I don't know about you, but I've had about enough of elected officials deciding that they are so dang

  • New year means new laws -- good and bad

    It's the hap-happiest time of the year for this columnist. Not only because of the holidays but because the end of the year means it's time for my annual hissy fit over the new laws to come down Jan. 1. As I say every year when I write about the new laws, I'm not a big fan. That's

  • INGA BARKS: Three reasons I'm not in post-election despair

    I am not bitter about last week's election. I suppose I should be, but I'm not angry, bitter or disappointed. Why? Three reasons. First, conservatives in California are used to losing. Sometimes we even lose when we win. (The name Arnold comes to mind). Second, conservatives consider

  • INGA BARKS: Obama and Schwarzenegger both were just shiny objects

    Regardless of your politics, President Obama had a bad debate. For many liberal pundits and fans, it came as a shock that this unique and splendid specimen of a genius president had a bit of a "hiccup," if you will. To conservatives it wasn't a surprise at all. In fact, we were more

  • INGA BARKS: Rural residents being burned by fire "fee"

    A couple weeks ago my best friend and I took a drive up to Kernville for the annual Sierra Art and Craft Fair. I highly recommend it. The drive from our valley floor isn't far, the weather is a tad cooler (and if it isn't, the river feels great), and all the food and antique stores you want

  • INGA BARKS: Doing business with only like-minded people is too much work

    Kern County has possibly the best location in the country for a Chick-fil-A, especially if you wanted to support or protest the fast food chicken chain this week. The corner of Stockdale Highway and California Avenue has long been a place to make a statement, usually with opposing sides on

  • INGA BARKS: We can do better out at Buena Vista

    If I'm lucky, twice a month I load up with friends and kids and head out to the Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area. Why BV? Because I could walk there if not for the boat. As a kid, leaving southwest Bakersfield for Buena Vista was like a trip out of town! But as Bakersfield has grown, the

  • INGA BARKS: Car impound restrictions would endanger us all

    My brother was in a car accident at Real Road and California Avenue back in the late '80s. He was coming off the freeway and heading straight down Real and the car that hit him was turning left onto California, ignoring right-of-way laws and barreling right into my brother. I was living in the

  • INGA BARKS: Do we really need this whopping school bond?

    This week I received a survey in the mail from the Panama-Buena Vista Union School District asking my opinion of the schools. Having three children who went from K-8 in the district, I DO have an opinion. In fact, since my husband and I worked our buns off to ensure our children were in the PBVSD,

  • INGA BARKS: Unenamored with the primary line-up? Then I'm your gal

    I'm not sure of the count of county supervisor candidates, but I think the list vying to replace Jon McQuiston alone brings the figure to 50. OK, maybe not that many. But there are a goodly amount fighting for your vote right now. As Republican and Democratic (and third party) voters are