We tried. You told us to stop whining and give the ol' Trumpster a try. We did. You told us that he wasn't a regular politician and was coming to "drain the swamp." He didn't. You told us that if he fails, we all fail. Nonsense.

Those of us who possess rationale have always known there was more than a sliver of truth in Barack Obama's proclamation during the election season:

"Donald Trump is unfit to serve as president of the United States."

And it's finally time for you to admit the obvious — You've been duped.

You wanted a Republican that could maneuver the executive branch and both houses of Congress into eight years of a new conservative persuasion. Constitutionalism, tax cuts, balanced budgets and traditional principles. Reaganomics redux.

Instead, you blindly bet on a man suffering from malignant narcissistic personality disorder. The moment you nominated Trump is the moment you turned your back on Ronald Reagan.

You chose wrong. And I want you to help me understand your incapability to see the forest through the trees.

Trump is hovering around a 37 percent approval rating. The lowest rating in presidential history for a newly elected president during his first 100 days.

This is a man that claimed he would start building "the wall" on day one and Mexico would pay for it. México dijo que no.

He would wax poetic about how he could defeat ISIS in 30 days because "it won't even be that hard." Iraq. Iran. I wish.

And that Muslim ban? As-Salaam-Alai... Kum again?

And his vow to repeal Obamacare in his first week? The biggest broken campaign promise of all time.

Shockingly, Trump and his Republican brethren were actually attempting to jam through a health care bill where older Americans would pay for it. A bill with 17 percent public approval. With a $600 billion tax cut almost entirely for the wealthy. Shameful.

And you were going along with it. With no questioning of his lackadaisical focus or misguided intent.

He spent a mere 17 days on the American Health Care Act.

He has gone golfing 13 times in the first nine weeks of his presidency. Mar-A-Lago trips are all on the government's dime.

So can you help me understand why you continue to perform great feats of mental gymnastics in trying to support his actions? Aren't you tired?

Take Russia, for instance.

The Russians clearly interfered with our election. Several of Trump's campaign members have secret ties to Russia. Carter Page. Roger Stone. Michael Flynn. Paul Manafort. And now, Trump's administration is working to downplay Manafort's prior role with their campaign. He was their chief strategist and campaign chair! Will Smith and Tommie Lee Jones must have hit them with the neuralyzer.

Plus, Trump has no problem calling out the cast of "Hamilton" and Meryl Streep, but never utters or tweets one negative word about Vladimir Putin or Russia. Interesting.

According to the most recent Quinnipiac Poll, 66 percent favor an independent commission to investigate the Trump administration and its ties to Russia. But not you. You will conveniently find ways to argue against investigating possible treasonous behavior but aggressively manufacture possibilities regarding Trump's false wiretapping claims about Obama.

It's embarrassing. And I'm starting to feel sorry for you.

Make no mistake, I couldn't be more thrilled watching congressional Republicans self implode under the weight of their own power. The first 100 days are historically the ideal time for passing new legislation and the Republicans can't even get out of the way of their own ideology.

Talk is cheap. And this impressively epic demonstration of incompetence makes me wonder ... Can they even govern? When a real crisis comes, can they handle it? And will the country believe anything Trump says?

I understand that you never thought that the person that would be under FBI investigation after the inauguration would be Donald Trump. It must terrify you.

And in the event that Trump is found guilty of colluding with the Russians and methodically worked to hack the DNC and successfully steal the 2016 election, some believe we're not talking impeachment hearings here. I believe there’s a smattering of people in the electorate who believe such findings would nullify the election results entirely. They worry Mike Pence wouldn’t automatically become president, thinking, "Surprise! It's Hillary Clinton!"

Oh wait. Now I understand.

Danny Morrison is a radio host at the New 103.9 The Beat, a nonprofit executive director and motivational speaker. His columns appear here every Thursday; the views expressed are his own. Reach him at californianmorrison@yahoo.com.

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There are so many knee-slapping laughably absurd assertions in this article, it would take me all day to deconstruct. But I really don't have the stomach to waste my time talking facts and logic to another hopeless liberal.

But most laughable of all is the Russia, Russia, Russia!!! hysteria which as of yesterday's Sunday talk shows NOT ONE Democrat has stepped forward with proof of their ridiculous claim that Russian interference in coordination with the Trump campaign influenced the outcome of the election and stole the presidency from their beloved Hillary Clinton. NOT ONE.

But you libs keep holding on to your little fantasy if it makes your lives worth living....


Funny how Democrats never hated Donald Trump until he beat a Democrat and was elected POTUS.

Until then, the Useful Idiots actually liked him.


Democrats like yourself won Trump the election, He is president because Democrats couldn't help but act arrogant convinced they were a shoe in. The media pushing bias opinions such as yours. This left people searching for alternatives... And if the smug rhetoric continues and reality itself continues to be denied in a way that is a clear attempt to manipulate people into something by any means than other than fair forming opinion based on logical reasoning of factual information in equal parts, The outcome will be even less influence. Keep it up and he'll be president again no matter what his approval ratings are have you checked what your approval ratings are have you checked the media that pushes this dialoge for their approval ratings. Furthermore for the record people have eyes and when attempts are made to set a atmosphere that goes against what is showed in plain sight out in front of their own eyes on a daily basis then they start to feel like the person making those claims must think they are stupid and will believe anything that is said to them regardless of what they see themselves. You were told just give him a chance let him fall on his face..... but no one ever did this. To scared he may succeed, the so called resistance has tied he hands and he's outnumbered...And his failures belong to you You wanted someone who voted Trump to explain... It wasn't about the alternative pick being the snake she was or being Republican or rooting for the underdog...It was about being inspired and included an hope for change...Being heard. You know how many citizens invisible in this country, We should not have to be born in a different country to matter in this one.


Donald has done more in 70 days than any President before him. He’s moving so fast at dismantling Obama’s policies that liberals like you are having meltdowns right before our eyes. I love every minute of it too. Danny, you’re still whining about the same liberal garbage we’ve heard before from past columns. Hilary, really!! You’re the insane one. Trump was right about the swamp and it contains Republicans and Democrats alike. Obama Care will fail on its own because it has too many flaws. Those that have ACA now will be wishing Trump’s plan had passed. The truth will come out on the Russian involvement and it won’t be what you want Danny. There was meddling by the Obama administration for sure and we might see the ex-pres in lots of trouble. Oh darn! Don’t worry about the wall either because Trump will make the Mexican government pay one way or another. Border crossings in last 3 months have dropped dramatically because those crossing illegally know they will be immediately deported back to where they came from. He hasn’t built the wall yet and sees what someone with a backbone can do. We’ve been taken advantage of by those who have little respect for our laws and our sovereignty by coming here illegally. The Sanctuary cities and states are such a ridiculous and dangerous idea that only a liberal could have thought of it. It’s absurd Danny! Trump is right about the terrorist threat from these Islamic countries too. France is in crisis mode, Sweden and Germany are suffering from their own liberal naïve ideological beliefs. The rise in terrorism, crime and rape is all a figment of imagination… What?? Trump’s tactics have angered the elitist left and the Media that colluded with Hilary in the campaign. Both Hillary and the media have shown how corrupt they really are. She lost because she’s a loser and a liar. Hold on to your seat Danny, because you’re in for a bumpy ride. Better get some meds, put on that helmet Mr. Johns is talking about, and try to stop from hyperventilating.


When you write this feces are you wearing your foil hat. Almost all of is nonsense. It is the Dem Lib line filled with lies and exaggerations postulated by the press. Have you had a real thought not propelled by the NY Times or the LA Times. Look at the Obama health care mess. It was Trump but a couple of disgruntled Republicans. Trump has done moor for the USA than BHO did in eight years in his firt rwo months in office. He told what he was going to do if elected and he is doing it! Your party lost, grow up and get over it! Note to TBC-If you pay this guy to write this trash, Can I pleas get a job!

Ramon del Oeste

America has survived incompetence and corruption before. What is different this time is the fact that an organized crime/authoritarian state hostile to democracy and the US interfered in and determined the outcome of the election. There is a real possibility the Trump campaign coordinated with Russian intelligence to accomplish this. There MUST be an independent non-partisan thorough publi investigation, with full power of subpoena. The Rebublicans have shown they are incapable of doing this. As Russian dissident Garry Kasparov tweeted, "The house is burning down, Trump is running around with a box of matches, and the Republicans are demanding to know who called the fire department".


Nice, I've listened to his racist long enough. The Californian must be hard up for contributing writers. The new president hasn't been in office 100 days. All the information put out by democratic Danny is the same nonsense his buddies in Washington are putting out. Why not wait till we see some evidence on anything. And I have to say if you think your hero obama was a great qualified president you obviously don't pay for your insurance or taxes so the little hood rats you stick up for can have same insurance for free and a nicer iPhone than I have your a bigger idiot than I thought. Let's wait on some evidence.

Ramon del Oeste

Can you please share what specifically in this article you believe is "racist"? I missed it entirely.


I agree ...It's racist I don't know exactly what he said that's specifically racist but that's what is said whenever I share my opinion..cause you know I'm white. Accordingly since this is his opinion, I can only infer it is racist... You know cause he's black. Lol...It goes both ways, expect it often The oppressors are now being opressed. Therefore entitled to make the same claims of prejudice.


How is it racist? NOTHING he's said is in dispute except by people whose only goal is to never admit they made a mistake. Trump will be lucky if he makes it a year, and meawhile he's doing major damage to progress. Incredible how gullible people are.

Sandi D

Fantastic read. Donald Trump is mentally insane or evil. Either way, he is dangerous to our country. Republicans are losing in the long run for selling out on this DISASTER. The country will heal, neighbors will make up, life will go on. But this will never be forgotten. And hopefully we don't lose too much stride internationally.


Danny, Danny, Danny.... Sit down! Put on your helmet! And, stop licking the bus windows…

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