The feral kitten joined our family after he’d been separated from his mother. I had met his mother on occasion, and although she was prolific, she was not especially maternal. I thought the kitten would be better off with us. Now I’m not so sure.

“Did you know that we never recorded our marriage certificate?" Sue said recently. “I went to the Hall of Records to get our affairs in order and found that although we were legally married, we apparently never turned in the paperwork."

A few years ago, I was at my wit’s end about what to buy my Mom for Mother’s Day. Over the years, I had purchased every kitchen appliance, jewelry piece and article of clothing that one could ever imagine. But that year I decided to do something different.

It’s hard to know what’s more disheartening: That two more local law enforcement officers abused the trust of this community to commit crimes and enrich themselves; or the downright obsequious manner in which the “authorities” have dealt with all these dirty cops.

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I made a Smart & Final run recently. I bought Windex, Lemon Clean Pledge, a package of Soft Scrubs and a mixed case of San Pellegrino Limonata (which may be the best drink on the planet) and Aranciata (orange).

Today is the 47th anniversary of Earth Day, but we Americans are hardly feeling celebratory. The current mood worldwide, in fact, is more tinged with trepidation than hope. That is because, in the United States, progress on environmental restoration is slamming into a political brick wall er…

Made famous by the galactically successful Star Wars film franchise, the Millennium Falcon was known as the fastest ship in the galaxy. Despite her unassuming beginnings and rough exterior, the Falcon has made its mark in the epic space opera film series — and in an unexpected place in Wasco.