I just finished my 9-mile ride on the stationery bike at 24 Hour Fitness. My morning ritual is to end my workout routine by going into the jacuzzi to prepare for the day by saying my prayers.

Flashback two decades: We are all in the car, ready for one of our family camping trips — four daughters, two parents, trail mix and water bottles, pillows and blankets, an amazing amount of overnight bags and camping gear that my husband always manages to pack into the car and still maintai…

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I was talking to a friend a couple of months ago when he reached for a cup of water. After straightening his right arm to reach the cup, he bent it at the elbow so he could bring the water to his mouth. When he did, I was stunned. Stunned and sad.

Last week was the last week. I’m wistful and I’m not. Wistful because second- graders are becoming third-graders, third becoming fourth and fourth closer to, "Goodbye, Mama and Papa." Meanwhile, parents are doing their best to slow down this rocket ship.