Today is the 47th anniversary of Earth Day, but we Americans are hardly feeling celebratory. The current mood worldwide, in fact, is more tinged with trepidation than hope. That is because, in the United States, progress on environmental restoration is slamming into a political brick wall er…

Made famous by the galactically successful Star Wars film franchise, the Millennium Falcon was known as the fastest ship in the galaxy. Despite her unassuming beginnings and rough exterior, the Falcon has made its mark in the epic space opera film series — and in an unexpected place in Wasco.

Sunday is a good day to go to the dump. Every day is a good day to go to the dump. However, cool, spring and a truck bed loaded with overflow from the garage is a day that says, “Look out, dump. Soon I’ll be driving through your pearly gates.”

The opioid addiction crisis has led to a crackdown on prescriptions of drugs such as oxycodone, fentanyl and hydrocodone, particularly for chronic pain patients, who are increasingly given less addictive painkillers along with referrals for acupuncture, physical therapy, massage and even yoga.

The Panorama Vista Preserve suffered through years of drought but this year, after a series of storms came through, vegetation has returned making the area north of the Panorama Bluffs east of Manor Drive a perfect place for a hike.

Recently we checked into a hotel. The friendly woman at the front desk asked for our names, confirmed our reservation and then looked up and asked if we wanted a room for the handicapped. I wasn’t sure I had heard her correctly so I asked if she might repeat it.

We tried. You told us to stop whining and give the ol' Trumpster a try. We did. You told us that he wasn't a regular politician and was coming to "drain the swamp." He didn't. You told us that if he fails, we all fail. Nonsense.

The ashes that mark our foreheads on Ash Wednesday only last for a day, but the ashes on our hearts are meant to endure for the entire 40 days of Lent. The ashes are drawn on us as a sign of repentance, of our yearning for God’s forgiveness, of our intent to live our faith more truly in the …