• Bakersfield Californian CEO Richard Beene.

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    FIREWORKS: The Fourth is behind us but the heated passions over fireworks live on. Consider this note from R. Craig Lincoln: "I can't tell you how disappointed I am of the city and county to allow fireworks. What's wrong with our council and supervisors? Not only because of the

  • Boys and Girls Club youth and chaperones on their way to Dockweiler State Beach.

    STEVE FLORES: Summer Santa Claus lives here

    I am pleased many of you responded to my latest column regarding our summer family Wavehog tradition of camping at San Clemente State Beach. You shared your own version of Wavehog-like summer traditions of special places you go to every summer with family and friends. In case you missed it,

  • Lois Henry tab

    LOIS HENRY: No fireworks ban? OK, then let's tighten things up a bit

    Time to pick up the pieces, dust ourselves off and start over. And by that I mean renew efforts to ban all personal fireworks. (Professional shows, free to the public — si; personal incendiary devices in the hands of drunken numbskulls — no.) I’m writing this on Thursday, so I have no idea what

  • Outstanding rockfish angling on Central Coast

    For some reason probably known only to DFW biologists, fishing for Pacific rockfish has turned for the better over the past two years, and that’s an understatement. While several endangered species are still being specifically managed (most notably canary, goldeneye and cowcod rockfish), the rest

  • Bakersfield restaurateur Gino Valpredo was honored as a "Father of the Year" in June at the16th annual dinner presented by the American Diabetes Association of Greater Los Angeles. Attending the awards ceremony was the Valpredo family, from left: Cole, Sandy, Nicco, Gino, Angelina and Christian.

    HERB BENHAM: Father of the year and grocery staff of the century?

    Bakersfield’s Gino Valpredo and three Los Angeles dads were honored recently by the American Diabetes Association of Greater Los Angeles. The 16th annual dinner took place at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. The award “celebrates men who have made family a priority, while balancing demanding

  • Two customers wait in line for lunch at Tacos Mi Casa.

    PETE TITTL: Best Bakersfield taco trucks a parking lot away

    Food trucks are not new — they’ve been around as long as working people have needed food brought to the job site — but they’ve been growing in popularity over the past five years, especially in Southern California. We happened to be in Santa Barbara about a year ago when Four Seasons, the high-end

  • Ellie Sivesind will perform a number from "The Wild Party" as part of "The Role I Was(n't) Born To Play III" fundraiser at The Empty Space.

    STEFANI DIAS: Theater may seek expanded 'Space'

    The Empty Space lets freedom ring this weekend with “The Role I Was(n’t) Born to Play III,” its annual fundraising musical revue. Kristina Saldana, the show’s creator/director and theater’s financial director, said that this year’s show revisits 14 musicals that have been performed at the theater:

  • Emily Bazar

    ASK EMILY: Insured? Watch out for out-of-pocket costs

    Another in a series of Q&A columns answering consumers’ questions about California’s new medical world. Let me start by acknowledging that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has helped millions of people obtain or afford health insurance, some for the first time. But the law impacts consumer

  • The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band will perform at the Fox Theater July 10.

    CESAREO GARASA: Shepherd loves the blues, but genre doesn't define him

    When Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s first album was released in 1995, he was an 18-year-old self-taught blues-guitar prodigy with a shocking amount of raw talent and ability. Twenty years later, he’s a 38-year-old bona-fide guitar hero and elder statesman of the blues, paying respect to the music that

  • A mother dog with her six puppies wait to be loaded on a Wings of Rescue flight out of Meadows Field for adoption in the Pacific Northwest.

    Ask TBC: How is it these communities need so many of our dogs?

    Q: Good job on my question regarding where the local dogs come from that are airlifted (to other cities through Wings of Rescue). Now, that poses another question: Where are those dogs airlifted to? If they are all taken to the same city, how is it that city doesn't have the same problem with

  • HERB BENHAM: Don't take hospital elevator to Code Blue

    You are destined to spend a certain amount of your time in emergency rooms. It might as well be written in the Book of Life. Pack light, bring a novel and wear comfortable shoes. Last week my mother-in-law fell and broke her pelvis. I’d like to blame it on her husband, John (lucky son-of-a gun

  • Bakersfield Californian CEO Richard Beene.

    BAKERSFIELD OBSERVED: A blog about life, media, politics and people

    HISTORY: The political fracas over the Confederate flag has led to a new movement calling for the renaming of every street, school or county in the South named in honor of Confederate war dead. So where does all this end? If this country is going to embrace a long apology tour, we have a ways to go.

  • Californian columnist Lois Henry

    LOIS HENRY: How low can the river go? Don't ask

    The Kern River is so low, even dismal forecast models aren’t dismal enough. Dana Munn, the Kern watermaster, did a model last month trying to forecast river levels through the summer. The river is already trailing the model by 15 percent to 20 percent, he said. “When you do models, everything is

  • Herb Benham

    HERB BENHAM: Hard to get me on stage, harder to get me off stage

    Amy Adams sang first. You know Amy Adams. “American Idol” finalist Amy. Singer extraordinaire Amy. N-one-wants-to follow-her Amy. I have to go on after her? Sorry. My publicist won’t allow me to do that. This was last Saturday at the Crystal Palace for the Media Music Jam, a concert featuring

  • Bakersfield Californian CEO Richard Beene.

    BAKERSFIELD OBSERVED: A blog about life, media, politics and people

    SCAM: Gilbert Alemao shared with me yet another scam, this one an email from "The Internal Revenue Service" informing him of a $1,900 refund. The catch? It asked for all his personal information, bank account number, etc. "I wasn't born yesterday but I have to admit the

  • Olivia Garcia

    OLIVIA GARCIA: Paying tribute to law enforcement officers

    The past couple of days have been a trying time for the community as it mourns the loss of a young Bakersfield Police Department officer. Officer David Nelson died early Friday in a fiery crash at the intersection of Mt. Vernon Avenue and Panorama Drive, near Bakersfield College, while in pursuit

  • Californian columnist Lois Henry.

    LOIS HENRY: Water deal with SoCal district bears watching

    How does giving the Irvine Ranch Water District access to local groundwater, and Kern River water, leave us in a better water position? Yeah, hard for me to wrap my head around too. But the Rosedale Rio-Bravo Water Storage District insists that will be the outcome of its proposal to double the