The ’70s are back. 

Yes, you read that right. We’re talking the bright colors, the prints, the ruffles. They’re back and in a big way. 

We chatted with Snappy Casual Consulting founder Jenny Maddern and she gave us the lowdown on what to wear this season. 


Guys, let’s bring back those checkered, polka dots and floral prints you’ve been storing in the closet.

The spring and summer season will be patternpalooza, with a hint of greenery – the official name given to the color of the year by the Pantone Color Institute.

It’s a bright green but designers have managed to tone it down with different colors on patterns, so you can rock it either way. 

For that outdoor look we all seek to feel comfortable in, the “athleisure” trend is making a big comeback this year. 

“It’s that look where you look like you’re working out, but you may just be hanging out,” Maddern said. 

Even those ’70s jump suits and tracksuits are OK. A little suede and metallic colors never hurt anyone.

For that casual look, it’s time to try something different. 

How about a custom-styled box that’s delivered right to your door. 

Stitch Fix is the personal style service that selects clothing based on your personal style. 

Maddern said it’s a great way to try new looks and experiment with different styles. 

This season also brings a military-inspired look to some styles. Plus, the all-American clean cut is staying.


It’s pretty girly this season gals.

We’re talking pinks paired off with the color of the year, plus ruffles and tiered blouses and dresses.

Oh, and we can’t forget about the floral dresses from head to toe – remember, the ’70s are back. 

Even the high-waisted bell-bottom pants are making a comeback. 

“Basically, if someone from ‘Charlie’s Angels’ rocked it, you’re probably going to see it,” Maddern said. 

Another important tip to remember when picking out clothes, either when you’re out shopping or from your closet, is to think proportions. 

If you’re going to wear a fitted pair of jeans, opt for a blouse that’s not tight. 

This rule definitely applies to the fashion trend that is here to stay: leggings. 

They are comfortable and they are easy to style. 

“We’ll be seeing the new color trends and people wearing longer, lightweight cardigans and longer vests to sort of pull the outfit together,” Maddern said. 

But as fun as bringing old trends back is, Maddern said the choker trend that slipped through the end of last year is one that should be a goner. 

“Let’s just say 1998 called and they want their chokers back,” she said.

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