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1 Use old toilet paper rolls to organize spare cords. Just roll the cords, stuff them into the roll and label them to see what devices they belong to.

2 Run a tension rod across the cabinet under your sink to hang spray bottles for easy retrieval while freeing up ground space for more storage.

3 An ice cube tray is a great way to keep small items, like earrings, paired together.

4 The bottom portion of cereal boxes make for great divided storage in a desk drawer. Just use a box cutter to trim the dimensions as you see fit.

5 Apple headphones, especially those wireless AirPods, always getting misplaced while you work on your Mac? Just stick them on the corners of the screen. The magnets will keep them in place until you need them again.

6 Hang metal buckets under wooden shelves in the garage to make items easy to find and reach while reducing clutter. Group similar items together and label the buckets to know what’s inside.

7 Hanging shoe organizers aren’t just for shoes. Roll up bulky closet items like sweaters and towels and slide them into the cubby slots for quick, wrinkle-free storage.

8 A bath caddy is a great way to keep office essentials like organized without taking up too much space on a desk.

9 A few hooks and canvas bags on the inside of a closet door instantly increases storage capacity.

10 Keep a hip laundry basket in the trunk of your car and put grocery bags in it to keep items from moving around during the drive home. When it’s time to unload, just carry the whole basket in – because who has time to make two trips?

11 Constantly forgetting items on your to-do list? Write them on the mirror with dry-erase marker for a quick reminder while you get ready.

12 A wine rack in the bathroom makes a great towel holder. Just roll the towels and place them in the compartments.

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