Creating a holiday-themed bunting is one way you can get into the festive holiday spirit. 

1 Greenery adds an inviting charm to any home. Add a fall spin on this by creating a floral arrangement with spruce, redwood and other fall/winter plants. Best part is that it doesn’t decay as much as a spring floral arrangement would.

2 A fireplace in Bakersfield during winter might be overkill, but adding some scented candles might give the illusion of that winter wonderland. You can make your own with essential oils, wax and wicks, and a mason jar. Add a bit of glitter and a spruce leaf and you’ve got a festive DIY candle.

3 Spell out your holiday love by creating a custom garland or bunting. This simple craft requires twine, construction paper scissors and some fun doodads to attach to your garland. Buntings are fun for any season and add retro charm to your home while giving you a reason to stay cozy inside during those winter months.

4 Lighting, especially warmer tones, is key to a holiday home ambience. Sure, there are twinkle lights, but having some hanging lighting in geometrical shapes is a bit unconventional. Adding one or two decahedron lights with warm-light lightbulbs will add to that cozy home atmosphere.

5 Add brass trinkets to your home to give some vintage elements that complement the overzealous and obvious holiday decor. Bronze elements pair nicely with holiday reds, greens, blues and whites.

6 If you’re still looking to get your craft on, try your hand at a winter scene snow globe. Glue a small plastic tree figurine to the top of a model car and glue that to the inside base of a clear jar.

7 Deck the halls with tinsel or any other fun garland. Add clothespins to hang greeting cards you receive for an added personal touch.

8 Ornaments aren’t just for trees anymore. If you have chandeliers in your home, try adorning it with baubles of different shapes and sizes. This can offer a sense of gaudy holiday flair to your home.

9 The inside of the home isn’t the only thing that can be holidized. Add a fun winter-themed doormat and a wreath to spread the holiday cheer beyond your doorstep.

10 Sometimes the decorations are simple. Filling up a nice glass jar or vase with cranberries, real or fake, can add some effortless charm to your home.

11 Recreate the classic luminary with a more durable DIY look by hammering tiny dots in a design of your choice on aluminum cans. Remove the label, paint it your favorite color and create the design. Add an electric tealight at the base and voilà!

12 Craft a customized wreath using faux greenery of your choice and hot glue. Or adorn your front door with the real deal. Can’t go wrong in holidizing your home with a wreath.

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