Star Walk 2

The Star Walk 2 app lets users learn the exact position of stars, planets, constellations and more regardless of weather conditions. 

Nine months ago, pedestrian traffic crowded sidewalks in downtown Bakersfield and every park in the city.

With the summer sun beating down on them, these men and women, boys and girls had their eyes locked on their mobile devices as they ventured to “catch ‘em all.”

One thing is certain: The polarizing “Pokemon Go” app drew millions of people out of their homes and got them moving.

Smartphones give users access to a multitude of apps that encourage them to get out and explore their surroundings. Whatever tickles your fancy, chances are there’s an app designed to help you find it. Below are a few apps to get you out and about. 

Strava (free)

A social network for athletes, Strava is a GPS-based app that allows users to track their rides and/or runs, share photos and interact with other members, offering encouragement and kudos to great performances.

The app can also connect to health devices, such as watches and head units, and track performance stats like distance traveled, heart rate, calories burned, etc. Perhaps the best feature is its archive of trails around the world. If it’s been run or ridden, you can find it on Strava.

Geocaching (free)

Also known as modern-day treasure hunting, geocaching is the process of finding containers called geocaches that are hidden in the real world by means of GPS coordinates. Participants hide items big and small and challenge others to locate the objects using subtle hints and clues.

The Geocaching app brings the geocaching community together and provides users with challenges all over the world. Networking capabilities allow members to work together to tackle more elusive targets.

Star Walk 2 ($2.99; free version also available)

The Star Walk 2 app puts all the stars in the night sky at your fingertips – literally. With a swipe of a finger, users can learn the exact position of stars, planets, constellations and more. No internet connection is required and the app clearly displays all the twinkles in the sky even when light pollution or clouds shield them from view. Just point your device at the sky and discover the cosmos.

ChefsFeed (free)

While the number of cities in its database is on the small side, ChefsFeed is a great app for foodies searching for that next memorable meal. The app serves as a guide to all things food with top chefs like Michelin-starred Wolfgang Puck and Daniel Boulud calling all the shots.

The app answers the question: What do chefs like to eat when they go out?

ChefsFeed also contains entertaining videos and exclusive stories and columns. Unfortunately, ChefsFeed chefs have not made a trip to Bakersfield – yet.

Localeur (free)

Those with a case of wanderlust can feel right at home when they travel with Localeur, an app containing travel recommendations from locals. Localeur helps vacationers discover thousands of restaurants, bars and shops known only to a city’s residents, creating an authentic and unforgettable outing.

Localeur is the perfect guide for those traveling solo, with friends or that special someone.

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