Choosing between quality and quantity is a difficult decision faced by many restaurants.

Most choose one over the other, either limiting selection to emphasize the quality of ingredients or opting for numbers to appeal to more palates. The truly ambitious take on both, but only a select few are able to obtain such a delicate balance.

Sushi Moon in southwest Bakersfield is one of them.

Each item on the menu meets the restaurant’s high standards for quality – all 120 of them.

Sushi may be the specialty, but the menu contains something for everyone with its selection of seafood, meat and vegetarian options ranging from appetizers, soups, salads, rolls, bento boxes and more. The fusion restaurant incorporates elements from other cuisines to create dishes that are as tasty as they are unique, like the Moon Ceviche.

The Mexican-inspired appetizer combines diced octopus, shrimp, yellowtail and whitefish with fresh, housemade mango salsa and serves them with wonton chips for a salty-sweet combination that has the right amount of spice to jump-start any meal.

Bento boxes are offered during lunchtime from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Happy hour, which consists of 40 percent off appetizers and select rolls, takes place Monday through Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. and pairs well with Sushi Moon’s wide selection of wines, sakes and Asian beers.

Spring Romance ($16.95):

Thinly sliced red onion and salmon rest on top of rice housing tuna, cucumber and asparagus. The Spring Romance has all the elements of an ideal lunchtime sushi roll with its clean presentation and fresh fish whose flavors aren’t overpowered by its supplementary ingredients. On its own, the salmon and tuna take center stage, while the cucumber and asparagus provide much-needed crunch for texture and the red onions end each bite with a delicate kick. The accompanying citrus soy vinaigrette adds the right amount of salt to the roll while ensuring the flavors of the fish remain prominent.

Sashimi Bento ($16.95):

One of 12 different bento box combinations, the sashimi box is the perfect option for those looking for variety. The sashimi bento box features eight pieces of sashimi, which varies based on what’s fresh, along with a California roll, gyoza dumplings, spring salad, rice and miso soup. Despite all that food, the bento box doesn’t leave you feeling lethargic after. It’s the right portion that will fill you up without weighing you down, its variety and freshness making it an ideal midday meal. 

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