There are many Shangri- Las in history through songs, books and movies but there is only one in Bakersfield. Shangri-La Asian Bistro & Bar is a fusion of Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisines on Ming Avenue. Owner Mike Yang knows a thing or two about Asian foods as he also owns Kamisama Ramen and the Asian Market in town. He has been the owner of Shangri-La for about two years. The staff was very friendly and attentive and made our dining experience pleasurable. They were kind enough to bring us out several dishes, which were good portions for great prices.

Drunken noodles ($10):

This dish had a nice balance between the sweetness of the basil and spiciness of the sauce. Wide rice noodles are the base with pieces of chicken, green onions and white onions piled on top. I like spicy but not light-my-hair-on-fire hot, so it’s nice that an image of a pepper appears on the menu when an item is spicy allowing you to dial the heat up or down according to your tastes.

Moo goo gai pan ($8):

The sauce on this dish is really delightful. Almost like a thickened chicken stock, it fuses the chicken, snow peas, mushrooms, carrots and green onions into a great combination. Add that with brown rice and it made for a robust meal that was very satisfying and delicious. This is a lunch menu item that includes a choice of steamed, fried or brown rice and soup or salad.

The great thing about Shangri- La is the variety. I feel like I just scratched the surface of all they have to offer. From dim sum to yakisoba and everything Asian in between, they have a full-sized menu to choose from. Check out the menu online and you’ll know what I mean. Next time you feel like exploring some new food options, take a trip to Shangri-La. 

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