In 1895, an article was published pleading for an alternative to the meat-heavy post-church meals in Victorian England.

Author Guy Beringer proposed a new meal, served around noon, that starts with lighter items, characteristic of those in breakfast fixtures, before moving on to heavier fare. The word Beringer coined that day became a staple of weekend dining throughout the globe: brunch.

The meal that combines breakfast and lunch has a cult following, with enthusiasts embarking on a seemingly endless quest to find the perfect brunch spot.

Emphasizing quality over quantity, Eureka threw its name into the mix, entering the brunch scene two months ago with a small-but-mighty menu exclusively available on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“It’s more personal,” bar manager Sid Moore said, adding that straying from the high-volume, fast-paced environment of buffet-style service falls in line with what the brunch experience should be – a relaxing time surrounded by good friends, good food and good drinks.

The rotational menu will feature seasonal ingredients and is paired with brunch-exclusive drinks like the Weekend Thyme, made with gin, aquavit, carrot, ginger, thyme and lemon, and "Do You Even Juice Bro?!", which contains tequila, tomatillo, tomato, cucumber and horseradish.

Avocado Toast ($9):

The outlandishly simple, yet surprisingly delicious combination of bread and avocado that constantly graces social media feeds and food blogs finds its way to Eureka’s brunch menu.

Delicious? Yes. Simple? Not at all.

Avocado mash is spread across a thick, perfectly toasted baguette and topped with hard-boiled egg, diced tomato, watermelon radish and a chimichurri sauce that ties everything together, providing a salty kick to what could otherwise be a bland affair. On their own, the flavors of avocado and egg are rather mild but the chimichurri sauce adds much-need zest to a dish that will fill you up without weighing you down. The toast also comes with a side of fruit. Fried Chicken & Sweet Cornbread ($13):

Fried chicken is something that, while delicious, can be forgettable at times. An item commonly found in some shape or form on menus all over, fried chicken that stands out from the pack is something you hold on to and never let go – and that’s exactly what Eureka has created.

The boneless chicken breast is soaked in buttermilk and coated with breading containing spices like sumac, paprika and cayenne then delicately placed on top of sweet cheddar cornbread and topped with bacon and a jalapeño-infused maple glaze that perfectly pairs the saltiness of the chicken with a bit of sweetness and the sweetness of the cornbread with a bit of spice. This dish alone is worth a trip to Eureka for brunch. The only drawback is that this entrée isn’t available all week long. 

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