Nina Ha's home office, which is also her “Happy Place.”

Photo courtesy of Nina Ha

Man caves have long dominated the interior design landscape, from sports team memorabilia to mirrored Jack Daniel’s logo art, pool tables, dart boards and beer dispensed from a home bar.

Several female equivalents have cropped up in recent history: sewing spaces, craft rooms, and now, she sheds and woman caves.

It’s a growing trend that’s gaining momentum throughout Pinterest land. Many women are erecting small cottages in their backyard as a means of escaping the pressures of life. The she sheds range from elaborate to simple, but its decor, paint, embellishments, and aesthetic are as unique as their owners.

However, building a separate area can be too time consuming, costly, or both for most women.

Enter the woman cave, mom cave, power room, or whatever it is you want to call it. It’s a room in the house that can be used for more than just crafting or sewing. It’s like an indoor she shed where towering dishes, mammoth laundry, and feuding kids cease to exist in an exquisite suspension of time.

I call mine “My Happy Place.” It’s our home office, which my gracious husband has allowed me to transform completely. It’s painted scarlet and adorned with retro superhero throw pillows, a homemade treadmill desk, custom art and photographs of loved ones. This is where I edit pictures, write stories, produce videos and challenge myself creatively.

But I’m not alone.

Local radio personality Becky Pelishek from Christian station Life FM has enjoyed her mom cave since 2010. Her retreat includes an inviting daybed, inspiring wall art and a computer armoire where she voice tracks her radio show. And, she says the best thing about her sanctuary is, “With three kids ... quiet.”

Patty Wonderly, who dedicates herself to volunteering for worthy causes, has had her Bakersfield she cave for eight years. It boasts a futon for reading and relaxing, a large desk on which to write her young adult fantasy fiction novels and decorations to galvanize her imagination. “When I’m stuck with my writing, I need only look around and my inner child gets fed,” she said.

But even if you don’t have a she space, I believe that an emotional getaway can also be found in a hot cup of coffee, a morning quiet time, a sincere prayer or time with a good friend.

No matter where we retreat, I hope we can all return to our lives refreshed, restored and reinspired. 

Opinions expressed in this column are those of Nina Ha.

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