Dan Monji

Understanding garden design is much like understanding high-fashion. Trends begin seemingly out-of-nowhere and change just as dramatically.

For more than 60 years, Monji Landscape Companies has embraced change.

Looking for what is next, has allowed our company to continue its fiery passion of creating beautiful environments in our community and across the United States.


“If you sit in the garden and listen, she will tell you want she wants.”

Those words of wisdom echo throughout our projects everyday.

A lot of what we do, as designers, is simply based on the intuition to understand what the environment wants.

That should always be the first step in designing a landscape.

Sit in the space, take in everything you see and then begin your design.

Take the time to allow the design to come to you.

If you’re designing your own garden this might take a few hours and lots of scratch paper, but the result will be well worth it.


Traveling is the best way to seek out new designs.

This is especially true when visiting any one of the many beautiful botanical gardens throughout the country. Here in California, our favorites are Lotusland (in Montecito) and the Huntington Botanical Garden (Pasadena).

Walking through these spaces allows you to see up front the planting combinations, the colors and textures of hardscape use and unique water features.


Seeing a garden on a tablet screen before it is created in the ground is something we never dreamed of.

But now, with advances in 3D software, we are able to walk through a space far before construction even begins. Websites like Pinterest cannot be understated. Now you have access to literally millions of photos of inspiring projects at your fingertips.

Although garden styles have changed dramatically, the one constant is that change is always coming and you must be looking for what is around the corner. 

Dan Monji is the CEO of Monji Landscape Companies.

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