Sarah Ward, an interior designer at Red Door Interiors.

By Laura Liera

The love for color, art and design encompassed the life of Sarah Ward at the young age of 10 years old.

Colored fabric was her favorite toy. She’d collect fabric scraps from her grandmother’s sewing projects and create original pieces.

Perhaps it was her grandmother’s artistic teachings that influenced Ward into the interior design world.

Art and color became her longing.

“Color evokes an emotion; it makes you feel,” Ward said. “And that’s what I try to do in design … evoke an emotion like artists do.”

For the past 20 years in the business, she has spent 15 as an interior designer at Red Door Interiors.

Although she describes her style as eclectic with a Spanish modern flair, when it comes to designing projects with clients, her goal is to bring out their personal style and not necessarily bombard them with her style.

“I’m pretty good at reading people and figuring out their taste,” Ward said. “It’s about giving them a style that ultimately reflects them.”

Projects can range from remodeling an entire home to maybe just one room. And on average, Ward is juggling anywhere from 10 to 15 tasks at a time.

“Thank God for my iPhone and my iPad to take pictures and keep myself organized,” Ward said laughing.

When Ward takes on a new project, she gets inspiration from the architecture of the home and any already existing decorations a client may have and love.

Focusing on neutral wall colors and adding pops of color in a room is Ward’s preferred style.

Being aware of a room’s size and not overpowering it with large pieces of furniture is another detail Ward talks to clients about.

“Know your focal points,” Ward said. “I try to come up with creative plans so that people can have seating that can be moved around to have different conversation areas.”

One of the perks of doing interior design in today’s day and age is technology.

When Ward started her career 20 years ago, she was sketching designs to help clients visualize the redesigned space.

Now, it only takes a few keywords and the ability to swipe.

Ward’s favorite interior design platform is Houzz – a place to browse thousands of remodeling and design pictures.

“It’s all about visually seeing the design,” Ward said. “I also think if you buy something that is fabulous that you love, it’s going to look good in your house.” 

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