There’s an artistry behind tailoring that perhaps only those behind the sewing machines can attest to. Maybe it’s the rhythmic noise that happens during a blind hem stitch or the perfect seam on a pair of trousers.

For Mirian Rodriguez, owner of G & L’s Tailor, art is exactly what it is.

“I was born to be a tailor,” Rodriguez said.

For as long as she can remember, Mirian has been using a threaded needle to either create new clothes or stitch them up.

As a little girl, Mirian, on different occasions, would take her mother’s beautiful flowy skirts and cut them up to make dresses for her siblings.

“My mom would be very angry at me when she’d get home,” Mirian said with a laugh.

Mirian and husband Francisco – who is also a tailor – recently celebrated their 25th anniversary as business owners of G & L’s Tailor on Stockdale Highway.

It was Francisco’s dream to open up his own business after working at a retail clothing company in Los Angeles for many years.

Francisco, like his wife, started sewing at a young age.

“My first project was altering sleeves on jackets and I just fell in love with it right away,” he said.

Being a tailor is a never-ending-learning job.

The latest trend that has been growing is going slim fit.

Randy, son of Francisco and Mirian and manager of the store, said most men want the slimmer look for either their jeans or trousers.

And also shorter than normal.

“They want to show off their design socks,” Randy said.

A few of the most popular alterations at the tailor shop are suit and shirt alterations and jean repairs.

Nowadays, Randy said, one cannot just buy a suit off the rack and wear it without needing some work.

A great tip he tells his customers is that a suit jacket is not a coat. A coat is meant to keep you warm and the sleeves are longer.

Hence, the jacket sleeve has to be altered to the wrist area, not the palm.

When it comes to jeans, a lot people have a hard time letting go of their favorites.

“A lot of the times, all the repairs we have done to them is what is keeping them up,” Randy said with a laugh. “But that’s the best part because our customers trust that we will do a great job and they keep coming back even after all these years.” 

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