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For the first time ever, TBC Media is offering a subscription to Bakersfield Life Magazine! 

By Holly Bikakis

I would like to apologize in advance for the shameless promotion that’s to come but I can’t contain my excitement, because, for the first time ever, TBC Media is offering a dedicated subscription to Bakersfield Life Magazine!

This is an opportunity to have Bakersfield’s premier city magazine delivered directly to your doorstep and a great way to stay in the know of what’s happening around you. I’ll admit I’m completely biased, but I truly believe that this publication is a valuable resource for Bakersfield residents. Not only does it contain information on upcoming events, great places to eat, and things to see and do, it also shines the spotlight on what makes this city a great place to live: the people.

A location’s identity will always be tied to the men, women and children who live there, and Bakersfield is ripe with amazing stories that speak true to its character.

It’s been said time and time again that Bakersfield is home to some of the most caring and generous people and not being from here, I believe it to be true. It’s said so often, in fact, that it’s become sort of a stereotype. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing because with stereotypes come a good dose of truth.

If you don’t believe me, just flip through the pages of this magazine. From community events like Give Big Kern that raises philanthropic dollars and volunteer hours for Kern County’s many nonprofit organizations to Hoffman Hospice’s Voices of Inspiration event that celebrates life, each month contains something that’s aimed at helping others.

A product like Bakersfield Life Magazine also combats the belief that there’s nothing to do here. The truth is, there is plenty to do; people just aren’t looking in the right places (hint, hint). There are weekly farmers markets, shows at local theaters, Bakersfield bands to check out and restaurant recipes to replicate at home, fundraisers to attend – and that’s just in this month.

The bottom line is products like Bakersfield Life Magazine are designed with several goals in mind. There are the obvious ones like entertaining readers and informing them of what’s going on in the community they live in.

But there’s one that may not be so obvious.

I feel like Bakersfield Life also helps build a sense of pride in the people who read it – pride in the amenities unique to the area, proud of their fellow residents, pride in their city. We want to share the stories found on these pages with everyone who calls Bakersfield home and the easiest way to do that is to subscribe! If you’re already a subscriber, consider gifting a subscription to a family member or friend.

Now is the perfect time to bring ‘Life’ to your home – Bakersfield Life!

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