Like a scene out of a movie, a group of college choir students experienced, what would seem to most, a chance of a lifetime.

In 1965, the Bakersfield College choir toured through nine countries in six weeks, not only participating in the Llangollen Eisteddfod International Musical Festival, but becoming the first American choir to win it all.

Nine of the 48 members of the 1965 BC European Tour choir turned to the Alumni Association after they reconnected at their 50th reunion in 2015. At this point, it was decided that a foundation form to provide scholarships for choral students in Kern County.

It wasn’t long after that the board members received a phone call from an LA film producer.

The film producer met with the board from the foundation and “thought the story was very inspiring,” said Marilyn Wilson, president of the 1965 BC European Tour Choir Alumni Association. Wilson told the producer well we want to make sure that our legacy stays true and right and stayed that way. The producer informed them “that’s what we do in the film industry; we change stories to make it interesting and exciting for people to watch.”

The board objected to the film being made, but the producer encouraged them to make a documentary.

After the encounter with the film producer, the board members met several times and they came to an agreement: “Yes, let’s do a documentary.”

Fabian Productions was hired to do the documentary, and in 2016, many of the choir members came back together and interviewed for the film.

The film shares the incredible story of the 48 choir members’ hard work, tenacity and the willingness to push through to become world champions and led by a young, vivacious director, Joseph Huszti.

“The documentary starts from the beginning of the idea, the raising all the money and the hard work; it goes all the way through from beginning to end,” said Wilson.

The world premiere of “One Heart, One Voice” will be presented at Bakersfield College in the Simonsen Performing Arts Center indoor theater Sunday, Oct. 8, at 4 p.m.

Tickets are $10 per person. For information regarding tickets, contact Wilson at 437-7381.