As the doors of KC’s Steakhouse have been open to all walks of life, seating in a nostalgic, iconic restaurant of Bakersfield is an experince in and of itself. Since 1939, KC's Steakhouse lends an experience that many will note for the restaurant history books. It gives a warm and genuine welcome, even before the memorable dining experience begins. The atmosphere, live music, great food and friends make for a truly wonderful dining experience. 


Joanie Haenelt on the lobster mac and cheese: The lobster mac and cheese was delicious. The fun, corkscrew shaped pasta was mixed with smoked Gouda cheese and chunks of lobster meat, topped with panko breadcrumbs then baked to a golden brown. It paired well with the complimentary garlic bread.

Beatris Espericueta-Sanders on the sautéed mushrooms: An excellent start to a meal, the mushrooms are soaked in white wine, butter and lemon.  This combination was well thought out, and I'm glad they left the stem on. It's hard not to share this generous portion of mushroom appetizer, it easily compliments any entrée on the menu.  You might be surprised at how well the lemon and mushroom go together, you can't have just one.

Andrea Caldwell on the calamari: I chose to try the calamari as an appetizer and it was wonderful. Lightly breaded, not overpowering the heartiness of the octopus. It was sprinkled with just enough kosher salt, ground pepper and hints of garlic, bringing a light balance. 

Tamara Clark on the shrimp cocktail: After searching for years for a traditional, tasty and fresh shrimp cocktail in Bakersfield — This is it. I have found it. Presented in a raised glass bowl, the five large plump,juicy and  deliciously chilled shrimp were the perfect start to any steakhouse supper. The fresh cocktail sauce and intricately cut lemon half were the perfect accoutrement to this appetizer.


Beatris Espericueta-Sanders on the petite filet fromage: With a menu that runs through a host of delicious cuts of beef, there is nothing petite about my selection: the petite filet fromage.  There is good news in Bakersfield for those who still share the secret pleasure of red meat, rare, well cut and seriously stuffed with blue cheese. Don’t forget the ribbon of bacon that wraps this filet. Combined with russet potatoes and green beans, this is hard to beat.  Iron up, folks. Beef: it's what's for dinner. 

Andrea Caldwell on the ribeye steak: We graduate to the grand presentation of a the ribeye steak, clearly enough for two people or a  morning breakfast with eggs. The gracious chef, presented me a 33 oz. ribeye steak, in a sizzling, smoky, cast iron skillet, with the drama of a rib bone extending, to prepare the soul, ready to conquer this master cut of beef. Accompanied by fresh string beans, and roasted garlic potatoes, one can taste the care and attention to the master flavor. The marbled texture, gave the juiciness, and rich flavor, perfectly seasoned, with the simplicity of cracked pepper, kosher salt, garlic, and butter, to seal in the flavor. To think of “A-1 Sauce” would certainly be an insult!!! Simple, rich with incredible flavor, which is obviously one of the signature dishes of KC’s Steakhouse.

Tamara Clark on the halibut: My main meal was a large slab of flaky, white halibut covered in a light lemon cream sauce. The sauce was perfectly seasoned and the fish cooked to flaky perfection. The side of colorful fingerling potatoes were cut, seared and well-seasoned, providing a salty and starchy bite to complement the delicate fish. I opted for the asparagus as my vegetable, which was broiled and seasoned with lemon pepper. Delicious!

Joanie Haenelt on the stuffed pork chop: I ordered the stuffed pork chop, which I must say, was extraordinary. It was a hand cut bone-in chop that was tender and stuffed with an apple breadcrumb mixture, then topped with a delicious cranberry relish. Each bite was a savory burst of flavor. It paired nicely with the green beans sautéed with bacon and mashed potatoes.


Beatris Espericueta-Sanders on the N.Y. cheesecake: If cheesecake is ever an option on a dessert menu, I am guilty of always ordering it. The cheesecake slice is bold and confident among the raspberry drizzle, but nothing prepares you for how thick the cake actually is. Creamy and not too sweet, this dessert is one you will make room for.

Tamara Clark on the Butterfinger pie: KC's homemade Butterfinger pie can only be described as a mountain of ice cream teeming with Butterfinger candies. Bordered by a sweet crust covered with whipped cream, and drizzled with a ribbon of chocolate sauce. It was an absolutely divine end to a delicious meal.

Joanie Haenelt on the chocolate mousse cake: Their chocolate mousse cake is a melt-in- your-mouth treat for the serious chocolate lover. It was light, creamy and full of flavor. 

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