The Olympic diving pool at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre in Rio turned inexplicably green this week, a turn of events that surprised both competitors and viewers.

But don’t worry, Olympic officials in Rio said the location where divers from the women’s synchronized 10-meter platform competed is completely OK. It’s not like a vat of toxic waste was dumped into the pool or anything (as far as we know).

The green hue of the water is due to a proliferation of algae caused by the heat and lack of wind in the venue, CNN reported Wednesday in a less-than reassuring article on the issue. The gaffe is just the latest in a series of mishaps that have characterized preparation for the 2016 Games.

If it’s any solace, Rio’s 2016 Local Organizing Committee stressed in a recent statement to media outlets that the water has been tested and currently poses no risk to athletes. Officials expect the diving well to be back to its original color sometime this week.

Maybe it’s just us, but green isn’t really our color. Especially when we’re submerging  ourselves in it.