Michael Johnson had us roaring in the newsroom with his entertaining fair memory. Enjoy.

They don’t call us “city slickers” for nothing.

Several years ago The Bakersfield Californian ran articles letting the public know they could go to the county fair and watch farm animals being born (birthing).

I packed up my five kids and wife and headed for the fair. On our way to the birthing area we saw a huge cow in a corral by herself. Her tail was raised, “stuff” was dangling out of her rear end and once in awhile a gush of fluid would shoot out. I told my family, “Look, she’s about to give birth.”

We sat down on the bleachers and watched for about 30 minutes. Finally a worker walked by and I asked, “How much longer before she gives birth?”

He said, “She gave birth yesterday; you’re staring at the afterbirth!”

Even after this, my kids still believe in me!

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