The Democratic Party, the media, the president, the American educational system, American unions and Hollywood have all latched onto a new mantra with a perverted hope it will stick. It is a slogan that chants Donald Trump is a danger, he is unfit for the presidency and he cannot be trusted with the nuclear football. There is no evidence of this slander. Rather it is simply liberal clichés parroted daily with hourly repetition by the media, similar to the Joseph Goebbels effect in World War II Germany.

Now let’s consider the mendacious Hillary Clinton, who runs television ads that show Trump as an importer of goods and clothing from China, which implies Trump will continue to buy these products as president of the United States. The problem is Hillary has taken this scene out of content and has removed the audio.

Who will be hurt if Donald Trump becomes president? Will it be the American worker, American manufacturing, the oil industry, the coal industry, the auto industry, the medical industry, international trade, law and order? Or will it be the middle class? Not likely, because all of this will be enhanced with a Trump victory.

The biggest losers will be the politicians and bureaucrats and those who enter government service extremely broke and leave very rich. The hurt will then hit fake global warming, energy suppression, restricted oil exploration, over regulation, over taxation and it will readjust the bad trade deals and treaties made by our Marxist leaders.

William Davis


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