We at Knight’s Pumping & Portable Services Inc. of Bakersfield plan on recognizing World Portable Sanitation Day on Aug. 15.

This is a day when we need to consider a few things about something we all take for granted here in the U.S.

Imagine grocery shopping, education, workplace, parks, homes all with no toilet facilities. Imagine that you are one of the 2.6 billion people, about one-third of the world’s population, that deals with this challenge every day. Imagine that you live in a place where children die because of unclean drinking water. Imagine that your daughters cannot attend school one week a month because the school lacks a safe private toilet. Imagine your wife and children can only relieve themselves at night, and that they are at risk of attack and rape when they search for a place to answer nature’s call.

In developed countries like the United States there is the luxury of safe restroom facilities in most buildings, and portable restrooms are available for every situation from natural disasters to recreation events. Portable restrooms provide a solution to some of the world’s sanitation challenges – and they save 125 million gallons of fresh water daily. That water is desperately needed in many of the countries where sanitation is also an issue.

Over time, it is the goal of WPSD to transform our interest and ingenuity into local solutions that prevent the spread of disease, save water, and improve the quality of life around the world. For details on how you can help, visit http://psai.org .

Tracey Lince


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