Against my better judgement, I ventured into my old neighborhood the other day and watched a large, ugly machine begin to destroy 40 years of memories. I left with a large lump in my throat.

That house in West Park at 4401 La Mirada, decimated to make way for a new freeway, was home to a family of five, a grandparent, three grandkids, numerous dogs and the neighbor’s cat. It helped put three kids through Harris School, Curran Middle School and West High, with all that goes with; Bakersfield Swim Club, Bobby Sox softball, BHPA, missing links golf, West Rotary, my safe haven during 11 years of BLM, and 11 years of All American pipeline. And the wife's r-and-r from Bakersfield city schools. Neighborhood parties, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, divorces, and death. We watched as neighbors moved away and new ones moved in. It was a great neighborhood.

Lou Boll


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