This week my husband found a note about a neighbor who had experienced mailbox theft. This is an extremely disappointing note to see. As a victim of mailbox theft as well, I almost hoped it was an isolated incident, or that something just got lost in the mail. To see that it is not only happening to others, but is becoming quite a trend is upsetting. Whose problem is this to solve? Whose shoulders does this ultimately fall on?

I have personally complained twice to the USPS, and have called our local branch, only to be left with a busy dial. It seems like a problem only they can solve. As a neighborhood with a lockbox, I have no choice where my mail goes. I wasn't given the option of receiving mail to my door. So when an entity takes away all other options, shouldn't they be held liable for the mistakes that happen under their watch? The USPS needs to be taking the correct steps to assure that this no longer happens. The first of those is to take measures to make these mailboxes more secure, and less accessible.

It is completely unacceptable for us to settle for theft. I felt silly reporting a $20 theft to the police, but something tells me the grand total of items stolen around town would be shockingly high. How do we get our local government to notice? What is the solution? I would just like this to be taken more seriously.


Kai Connolly



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