The earthquake was centered south of Wasco.

US Geological Service

We asked our readers on Facebook: Did you feel that? Where were you and what it did it feel like when the earth rumbled? Here are some of the responses on The Bakersfield Californian and Tehachapi News Facebook pages:

Petra Bantum: “We felt it here in Santa Monica. It was crazy to realize when I jumped on facebook, all the earthquake comments were coming from friends/family from my hometown of Wasco/Bakersfield.”

Chuyina Valderrama: “I’m in east by Niles and it was strong. Before the earthquake my birds were going crazy they say the animals know.”

Jennie Smith: “I live off Stockdale and California- it started out with a loud thud- I actually thought somebody drove their vehicle into my row of apartments and then the shaking kicked in and my cat ran for the dining table. I just barely got him to come out from under there.”

Kimberlee Holinka: “Stine and White Ln. It was a long one. I had time to actually think about it. I was outside and I could see the trees swaying.”

Amber Maas Waybright: “Was the biggest one I've felt in a few years here. I have been in a few, San Fernando, Northridge, San Francisco. There was one in the early 90's that hit near Mettler that was pretty similar.”

Anne Stoken: “Oildale, rolled and hit hard like a truck slamming into the house. Knocked an item off a shelf in the garage and one off a wall in the den.”

Norma Gee: “Sitting inside my daughter's truck cleaning the windows and it felt as if someone was jumping up and down in the truck bed!”

Mary Smith: “I was in the financial aid building at BC campus and it felt like a truck hit the building.”

Peggy Matkin Patrick: “The animals know for sure dogs bark cats meow cows moo horses do what they do.”

Jess Da Silva: “I felt it in my office 5 miles east of the grapevine exit.”

Kailee Alexis Sischo: “I'm from tehachapi currently out of town for a few day but still felt it in clovis.”

Sandy Parish-Williamson: “Shafter DMV our clients held onto the counters as we rolled through it!”

Shawn Stinson McInnes: “We're in BVS up high on Bear Mountain (6,000 ft. elevation). There were 2 distinct jolts and then some "jigglings" for about 10 seconds.“

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