In today’s publishing world, creating a buzz about writers’ work has become their job.

And author, editor and social media ninja Molly Jo Realy will show writers how it’s done when she presents “Building Your Social Media Swarm” at the Writers of Kern monthly meeting on Saturday.

Realy’s specialty is helping writers implement social media skills that will grow their following (swarm) by personalizing a few rules of thumb to help get the word out about projects, activities and upcoming releases.

“We are the first generation of authors to have worldwide instant access,” she said. “Why not build a hive with what you have?”

Her three-­part presentation will provide a basic introduction to social media and how it can be used to promote one’s work, information about basic social media personalities’ pros and cons, and email etiquette.

In addition to effectively marketing her own self-publishing company, New Inklings Press, and running media platforms for other writers, Realy teaches social media classes and produces the weekly live podcast, “Firsts in Fiction.” She is a member of the High Desert branch of the California Writers Club. For further information, see her website,

Annis Cassells is a member of the Writers of Kern.