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  • Californian executive editor John Arthur.

    SOUND OFF: This cat got out of the bag and the howls began

    Nothing gets readers worked up like a change in the comics, and we heard from a few of you this week: READER: Once again The Bakersfield Californian has decided to remove the long time comic favorite "Garfield" and put in its place an unknown generic comic. Just like they did with

  • SOUND OFF: We're back, and we have some catching up to do

    This column has not appeared for several weeks, so we have some catching up to do: *** READER: (In regard to our Dec. 31 list of state, national and global quotes of the year:) I am sorry this is so late but I feel it is important to ask: why was this quote from the U.S. Senate Benghazi

  • Californian executive editor John Arthur.

    SOUND OFF: We approach the holiday with plenty of good cheer

    READER: Dear Mr. Ewing, I want to compliment you on your article in The Bakersfield Californian on Nov. 14, page 49, covering the Division 1 Girls Tennis Section Finals. It is a masterpiece of reporting, writing and journalism, demonstrating the highest level understanding, acute perception,

  • Californian executive editor John Arthur.

    SOUND OFF: If he were a teacher our grade would be C-

    READER: It's good that The Californian challenged the accuracy of the United Farm Worker's spokesperson regarding (the recent) protest at Rep. Kevin McCarthy's office. But as a former journalism instructor, I am appalled at the news writers' description of the UFW's statements

  • Californian executive editor John Arthur.

    SOUND OFF: Headline makes the situation worse, reader argues

    READER: Shame on the Californian for today's headline ["He sides with Democrats." Oct. 31, about Rep. David Valadao]. While you can make any argument that this is just "news," that's exactly the problem, and you're instigating it. That Valadao sided with Democrats

  • Californian executive editor John Arthur.

    SOUND OFF: In her view, prep football coverage went south

    READER: I am very upset over the high school sports section because South High School is not receiving as much attention as they should. South High's football team is undefeated and they were given a small article in the newspaper on Saturday, September 28, while Ridgeview lost their last game

  • Californian executive editor John Arthur.

    SOUND OFF: Anniversay coverage can have many approaches

    READER: Does September 11 have no meaning for you? What made you decide to completely omit it from the front page on Wednesday, Sept. 11? At least we got a "Kern's Past" on page 8. Good decision.... I guess the deaths of 3,000 Americans only 12 years ago can be COMPLETELY forgotten

  • Californian executive editor John Arthur.

    SOUND OFF: It's not just the opinion, it's your choice of topics

    READER: In the "Our View" column on Sept. 4 ("While some gauge winds, a decision awaits"), The Californian makes a valid point about Rep. Devin Nunes' comments of asking President Obama to consult with Congress and then criticizing the president for doing so. However, I

  • Californian executive editor John Arthur.

    SOUND OFF: Why some letters to the editor are allowed to offend

    READER: What led to the decision to include Gary Cameron's letter to the editor, "Most bigoted president ever crushing 'dream' "? I would hope that politically biased extremism from the right fringe is not considered the norm. Such hateful speech does not serve a purpose in

  • Californian executive editor John Arthur.

    SOUND OFF: That was an implosion? Readers don't think so

    READERS, on Facebook, commented about coverage of the PG&E plant knockdown at Coffee and Rosedale: From everything I saw, it did NOT look like an IMPLOSION. I always thought an implosion was supposed to fall in on itself with all the detonation directed toward the center of the structure. Why

  • Californian executive editor John Arthur.

    SOUND OFF: Isabella partisans irked; the royal baby is panned

    READER: To all of you writing about the water levels up at Lake Isabella. You are doing a huge disservice to our community and the business owners trying to stay afloat in a terrible economy. We sit here on our decks watching our beloved water be drained down to Bakersfield so the farmers can grow

  • Californian executive editor John Arthur.

    JOHN ARTHUR: Lots of news and lots of complaints this week

    READER:Since when is a four hit baseball game front page news and the death of 19 American heroes on page 17? Is your staff on vacation? Who is running your show? Where are your values? You guys better rush home from your vacay and get rid of your temp editors. -- Tina Nichols, Bakersfield

  • Californian executive editor John Arthur.

    SOUND OFF: You may have to send stories the old-fashioned way

    Catching up on an item from last week: Reader Susan Gill said it would be helpful if electronic editions of the newspaper had built-in links to other stories and she is right. I told her I hadn't figured out how to do this but guidance is coming and I hope we can soon make this a regular

  • Bakersfield Californian Executive Editor John Arthur.

    SOUND OFF: Readers write about NASCAR, sellouts, wipeouts, grossouts

    Our Duck Dynasty story last Monday (June 10) prompted the following question: READER: Why don't we know about events until after they happen in Bakersfield?! -- Brandi Reiter ARTHUR: Eye Street Editor Jennifer Self replies: The event had been listed in our calendars for a while. Our

  • Nathan Banks, a Bakersfield High student, prays during the National Day of Prayer event at The Marketplace Thursday night.

    SOUND OFF: Catching up: Day of Prayer and other issues

    READER: I was disappointed that a great newspaper missed out on the National Day of Prayer with only a picture and a caption as opposed to what really took place over at the fountain at The Marketplace. There were several dignitaries there, including the mayor, Shannon Grove, Karen Goh, and

  • Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood describes the action of David Silva clutching the neck of a sheriff's dog.

    SOUND OFF: Complaint about our Silva coverage doesn't stand up

    READER: I've been composing this letter in my head for the last two weeks but I wanted to wait until all the evidence in the David Silva case was released before sending it to you. Sheriff Youngblood held a news conference (Thursday) and presented the evidence collected by investigators, the

  • About 20 people attended a vigil for David Silva on the corner of Flower Street and Palm Drive a few days after his death.

    SOUND OFF: What's known, and what's not, in Silva investigation

    ARTHUR: Our coverage of the death in custody of David Sal Silva has been read around the world and has drawn many comments. It's impossible to answer them all (and some don't need answers) but a couple of online remarks from our article last Sunday -- "Deputies' video confiscations

  • Californian Executive Editor John Arthur talks with Scott Cox on "First Look with Scott Cox."

    SOUND OFF: Sometimes all the pols don't come in at once

    Reader: Has James Burger become the mouthpiece of the Democrat party? If Burger is going to do an article on the senate candidates, as his headlines said in the May 9 article, then why not include all of them? Interesting that he left out Andy Vidak from his piece except for one sentence. Also,