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Robert Price

Executive Editor

Robert Price joined The Californian in 1988 and has held practically every job in the newsroom during his long, mostly fruitful tenure. He has been writing a regular column since 1999.

Price was born in Iowa, lived in eight different cities as a Navy brat, attended high school in Sonoma County and graduated from Sacramento State University on the 10-year plan after having served as editor-in-chief of the award-winning State Hornet. He made stops at two small daily newspapers before coming to Bakersfield.

At The Californian, Price has covered sports, the oil industry, local government, and music and entertainment, among a great many other things. He served as The Californian's features editor for two years (1998-99), wrote a thrice-weekly metro column for nine years (1999-2008), served as chief editorial writer and then Opinion editor (2008-2013) and became executive editor in Januury 2014.

Among Price’s more memorable special projects: “The Bakersfield Sound,” a 1997 series documenting Bakersfield’s rich musical history, and "The Lords of Bakersfield,” a 17,000-word look at the sordid circumstances surrounding the 2002 stabbing death of Assistant District Attorney Steve Tauzer, for which The Californian earned the University of Oregon’s Payne Award for Ethics. Price won the George F. Gruner Award for journalism in 2003 and the California Newspaper Publishers Association’s medium-market award for outstanding local column in 2006. He is the author of a book on migration and music, The Bakersfield Sound: How a Generation of Displaced Okies Revolutionized American Music (2014).

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