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Herb Benham has been at The Californian since 1987. He was born in Santa Barbara and grew up in Bakersfield. Benham graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1976. He and his wife have four children - Katie, Herbie, Sam and Thomas. The Benhams live downtown in a 100-year-old-plus house that needs constant work. He is the author of two books - "First Kisses and Other Miracles," and "Sitting on My Fat Wallet." Benham started by doing the tennis column for The Californian and then 20 years ago became the feature columnist for the paper. He also teaches a writing class at Bakersfield College called, "How to write better, or at least less worse."

Recent Articles from Herb Benham
  1. HERB BENHAM: Face it: Women harsh judges of own beauty

    A friend told me his wife had been to the hairdresser and when she returned, she was quiet. It was Saturday. Saturday is a happy day. A day filled with soccer games, bike rides and, occasionally,...

  2. HERB BENHAM: He just rolled up his sleeve and gave - and gave

    If someone gave me a license plate frame for my birthday, I'd be frothed, tell them to take it back and remind them I could go to Pep Boys and buy one for $4.99. However, a license plate frame from...

  3. HERB BENHAM: This fire starter as green as his wood

    Rain cometh, wind blowth, December hereth. I bought half a cord of almond recently. "Dump it on the side of the house," I said. "I'll stack it myself." That's the law. A man has to stack his own...

  4. HERB BENHAM: Baby prompts name-calling discussion

    "I'd like to talk to you about two things," Sue said while we were driving to her parents' for dinner on Sunday. If there are two things, one could be good and the other might lean toward the...

  5. HERB BENHAM: Christmas letter a good news/bad news deal

    Conversation on a recent morning walk included: "Do you know it's time for the Christmas letter?" The Christmas letter? Again? Didn't I write the last one yesterday? The conversation also included,...

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