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Herb Benham has been at The Californian since 1987. He was born in Santa Barbara and grew up in Bakersfield. Benham graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1976. He and his wife have four children - Katie, Herbie, Sam and Thomas. The Benhams live downtown in a 100-year-old-plus house that needs constant work. He is the author of two books - "First Kisses and Other Miracles," and "Sitting on My Fat Wallet." Benham started by doing the tennis column for The Californian and then 20 years ago became the feature columnist for the paper. He also teaches a writing class at Bakersfield College called, "How to write better, or at least less worse."

Recent Articles from Herb Benham
  1. HERB BENHAM: Pastime tethers me to neighborhood kids

    We have a tetherball pole. It's an old tire filled with cement and a metal pole stuck in the middle. I bought it years ago for $25 from a man on Ming Avenue who had a family of tetherball poles in...

  2. HERB BENHAM: It's a clothes call, and some didn't make it

    I looked at the Canali suit, seafoam green. Yay or nay? Recently I went through my closet and chest of drawers for the annual purge. It was time to thin the herd, cull the strays and strengthen the...

  3. HERB BENHAM: Lucky day birding with Mom at lake

    Last weekend I went kayaking with my mother on Mono Lake. When I arrived, the short red kayak and the long green one were strapped to the top of her Subaru. "How did you get them up there, Mom?" I...

  4. HERB BENHAM: Walking to work makes things new again

    When I can, and recently I could, I walk to work. Fifteen blocks. On foot, the world is different. Starting with people. Starting with Alan and Billie Hodges, who were pushing a stroller with their...

  5. HERB BENHAM: Will buying sweater hasten fall?

    A friend saw me in a slim fitting T-shirt from Banana Republic and reminded me I wasn't 20 anymore and suggested I wear something more age appropriate. "Age appropriate." That's becoming one of my... Daily Deal!

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